Is 'The Boys' worth it to get amazon prime for or skip it?

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trailer looks good to me any1 seen it yet?

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I downloaded the first 4 episodes. Havent checked it out yet. The only actor im really familiar with is the guy from Star Trek, whom of which doesnt have much range.

***Bosch was pretty good***

To answer your question: i highly doubt that one show is worth $120.

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It's a good show. I would never recommend to subscribe to a service for one show alone though. Why don't you sign up for a free trial, binge-watch the show, check out what else amazon offers, then decide whether to keep or cancel your membership?

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I am told that I might like it, provided that I haven't read the comic as the show makes changes to adhere to political correctness.

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I liked it. The airplane seen was epic.

But like others said I would never subscribe for 1 show. Isn't there a way for a free 1 month trial?

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The Boys was freaking amazing but is it worth it to subscribe? No. It's only like 8 episodes.

Prime Video (and Prime itself) is still a good deal, though, I mean I ordered something random this afternoon and it's already on its way here.

Sorry John Oliver I know I should hate Amazon but you need to come up with something better before I boycott it.

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@zaryia: Psn, dolphin scene is easily the best in the show

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I'm really enjoying it, haven't had a chance to watch the last episode yet as one of the kids always seems to be awake when I try to watch it. I have heard that there's been a lot cut that they filmed and that it's different to the comics (adding spoiler if you don't know what the characters are like) like homelander jerking it and cumming on the crowed while he stands on a roof top. They really wanted to a lot more but weren't allowed.