Im hearing all these ads and talk about banning guns..

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Lanza the accused killer could've killed no matter what kind of weapon he used. If a killer wants to kill he's going to do it no matter what laws get put in place. If a killer wanted to kill he can ram his car onto a busy sidewalk and run over dozens of people. To put stricter gun-control laws in place is removing the right to self defense by good law abiding citizens. I hope no new gun-control legislation is introduced because of this. The only legislation I support is to allow conceal-carry permit holders to exercise their 2nd amendment right, and to allow guns by law abiding morally good citizens on campus. If teachers were allowed to carry conceal guns in this Elementary school they could have prevented this killer from murdering so many students and staff. However, I do support stricter NICS background checks for gun buyers. Convicted felons, mentally ills, domestic abusers, convicted drug offenders, and a dishonorable discharge from the military, should be flagged when attempting to purchase a firearm. Furthermore, I support laws that sentence convicted gun violence criminals to death by lethal injection.

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Not enough threads on the subject.

OP can you make some more? I think we really need to hammer in this topic today.:roll:

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There are ads talking about banning guns?