how to fix scratched rings xbox 360 game...

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My friend's xbox 360 fell over with MW2 in it and the disc got really scratched up. There's one scratch running around the dvd in a circle..and now the game wont work anymore. I am able to start the game up and mess around in the game-menu, but when I try to actually play the game, I get an error message saying to clean the disk. Well I tried a disc doctor repair kit on it the other day and it still wouldn't I was there anything else I can do to fix it?? i was thinking about trying these guys out:
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First of all wrong board, second i am not touching that link and thirdly That problem of the ring scratch around MW2 discs seems to happen to alot of people.. happened to mine.

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Scratch in the opposite direction.
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I think if the scratch is circular, like follows the edges of the disc then you can send it to Microsoft and they will replace it for you (depends on the game, I'm not sure with MW2)
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Scratch in the opposite direction.McJugga