How to ask for a raise

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Money has been very much on my mind as of late and I would have really appreciated some sort of class or training on this sort of thing so I thought I would share this video in case anyone feels that they too would benefit

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Depending on the job, I used to get yearly annual raises, it's part of my performances I do at work, it's not much but it's still better then nothing. Don't call-out sick, take pride in your work, and you'll get a raise is how it normally works but like I said, it all depends on the job of the company you work who passes raises.

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Just whip it out and lay it on the table. You're either getting a raise or going to jail.

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Raise? Yeah but has anyone ever seen someone ask for a career and get it?

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@bgres077: You might get a different kind of raise.

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I usually ask for a review.

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If you're working a retail job where raises are only a couple cents/total shit, not much you can do. You'll be stifled forever. But in other scenarios:

You could be given a review every 6 months, or every year, and you could discuss your accomplishments, what you bring to the company, your value, etc. Looking committed and doing well obviously is a plus.

I had one job where in a year and half I went from 14$hr/ --> 17/hr, which equates to about $6000 increase. But I asked for raises at my reviews- I didnt wait around.

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Dont expect to get a raise if you're just an average employee. If you go out of your way to make things happen and you're consistently performing above your expected level, then you can use that as ammunition when you ask for a pay increase.

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I am a soldier. I work in the army. Perhaps its time to promote me to higher rank.

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Leave your company every 3 years. Easiest way to make more money.

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@Baconstrip78 said:

Leave your company every 3 years. Easiest way to make more money.

Sadly true in some circumstances.

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Don't be doing that. You'll be the first to go when they realise how much money they're wasting on you.