Hi Offtopic, care to listen to another EDM Selena Gomez remix?

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You can just skip to the build up at :33 seconds if you don't like the chords.

This is "Good For You" by Selena Gomez featuring ASAP Rocky. It's a Dancehall remix inspired by Major Lazer and Diplo. This remix is kind of happy sounding. We channeled our inner Nephilim for this one.

"And syncopate my skin to your heart beating"

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Thanks everyone.

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My brother and I listened to your re-mix as I was killing Zeds in Killing Floor 2. I didn't mind killing them to your music. My bro said it would be nice to hear at a restaurant or bar or even the mall. Nice job.

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@DEVILinIRON: Hmm, if the zeds weren't docile, it's okay to release their soul from their ghoulish bodies. Thank you to you and your bro!