Help me decide - 12' or 16' for my move?

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I'm trying to figure out if a 12' will be big enough to make one trip with all of my stuff. I've driven moving trucks in the past so not too worried, but I'd prefer the smaller option if possible just to make maneuvering/parking easier. MOD EDIT - LINK REMOVED

I don't have a lot of stuff but I can't figure out by the capacity if I should be fine with a 12' or not. We just bought a sectional sofa which is the item making me unsure.

Summary of items:

-Sectional Sofa Left arm facing sofa sectional dimensions: 77"W x 37"D x 38"H Right arm facing chaise sectional dimensions: 86"W x 37"D x 38"H

-Recliner Chair 37"W x 35"D x 40"H

-Queen bed frame & mattress -double dresser -medium-sized tv/shelf unit

Then approx 10-15 medium boxes, large tv, and other random/misc. items which could fit in trips made with my SUV. So it's really all of the above mentioned items that I'm worried about since they won't fit in my car.

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I'm no mathlete but, if you can stack the sofa sections I think you'll be ok. I'd spring for the bigger truck just to make sure and get it all at once if possible. Get that shit done and get to the pizza and beer.

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Go big or go twice?

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If you had very little furniture like me then I'd tell you to spring for the smaller truck. But you've got a few very big items there, so you might be better off going with the larger truck.

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As mostly stated, err on the side of caution and go bigger. Multiple trips suuuuuuuck. Hope you have some buddies to help.

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12' shouldn't be an issue... Unless things get really weird. I've been a mover on-and-off for 8+ years between working my career. 16's can usually do a 2-bed apartment, unless you literally hoard the shit out of everything.

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Pretty sure this is a spammer guys, but good advice nonetheless.

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@pyro1245 said:

Go big or go twice?

this guy moves

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Go for the larger one. You will only regret a small amount of money for the larger one if you don't need it, but you will be regretting the smaller one a lot more if you need the larger one.

Easier to load, too, less stacking of things.