Zelda Wii U - Was that really Link?

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After the announcement of the newest installment of the Legend of Zelda series for Wii U, there was a lot of controversy over "Link's" appearance in the trailer. Many even said that "he looks like a girl." However, Mike Minotti from GamesBeat may have dug up some valuable information involving this character when he supposedly asked Mr. Aonuma about Link's art style. Here was his response:

"No one explicitly said that that was Link."

This statement is quite true. At no point during the teaser did anyone actually say that the character seen was Link. Also, the character was not seen wearing the traditional green tunic seen on Link. Of course, Link has appeared in alternate clothing before, but it would make sense for him to have his iconic tunic in a trailer, especially at E3.

Now, there is no guarantee that the interview above even happened to begin with as the author of the article does not have any proof, but it is certainly an interesting concept. If you would like to take a look at the article for yourself, the link (no pun intended) is below. Let me know what you think about this information!

GamesBeat Article Here!

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I'll quote myself:

I'm definitely curious about who this blonde haired person is. At first I thought it was a female, but then I concluded that it was Link after all. However, it makes me wonder why he's not wearing the green tunic before obtaining both bow and sword (you can see the scabbard on the horse), why he's covering his head with a robe, why the monster is after him, and why he holds his bow with his left hand, like Zelda. Aside from the Wii version of Twilight Princess, Link always holds the bow with his right hand whereas Zelda in Wind Waker and Twilight Princess holds it with her left hand. Small detail, but intriguing nonetheless.

It'll be cool if this Link was actually Zelda.

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This is a stretch but what if they're doing something with the mythos and characters in this game to allow for cooperative gameplay.

Maybe two protagonists will be introduced.

Maybe items can be stored on your horse but cannot quickly be equipped in the heat of battle meaning you and your partner will need to each have a weapon of focus at a given time.

This would create instances where one player has the bow and the other has the sword -- a scenario that has occurred in Zelda before.

This could allow for gamepad integration as well with one player using the gamepad to navigate the world separately from the other player.

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Maybe this game's going to pull a MGS 2?

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It's Link, he just traded the freekin earrings for a freekin ponytail

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Well, based on the Zelda manga, Link from OoT had a ponytail. So I don't think him having a ponytail should matter a great deal...

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Whoever it was, I liked it. Although Zelda and many other games aren't dropping until 2015, at least we know 2015 will be a pretty solid year for the WiiU.

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I think it would be interesting if you could choose Link's gender. Doubt it will happen, but I wouldn't mind seeing it. I'm pretty sure that was Link we saw in the trailer.

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Either way I'd like a lot more info on the structure of the game. From what he said it's going to be a much larger Link Between Worlds, which will be cool if it's true.

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The most ambitious zelda game to date. :O

Excited to see more of it. Please Nintendo release a limited edition in the US.

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Believe it or not I think this is Link and Zelda's child. I think that this game takes place after the events of OoT.

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I don't think it's Link. The lack of a sword or sheath is what leads me to believe that.

@bunchanumbers said:

Believe it or not I think this is Link and Zelda's child. I think that this game takes place after the events of OoT.

I don't like this theory as I still like to think of LoZ as the same legend told over and over again differently. Zelda has never had a fluid story so i don't see why they should start now. To me, the Historia was just to please fans by throwing games before and after one another. Link is the hero. Any other person as a main character would feel really weird in a Zelda game, even if it is the child of Link.

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@bunchanumbers said:

Believe it or not I think this is Link and Zelda's child. I think that this game takes place after the events of OoT.

I doubt that's Link and Zelda kid, though it would be a pleasant change if Link had parents in this Zelda game. Dude always seem to be an orphan...

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Blond hair, blue eyes, tunic, horse, bow.

Sounds a lot like Link to me.

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I doubt its Zelda, but something Animeguy said interest me and I think would be a cool idea. The way Link(or whoever that is) had their items on the horse, maybe the horse is central to gameplay and the item system. Like say to really lend to that open adventure feel, when you acquire items, no more pause and pick and hot buttons. You carry the items on your horse and you have to take the item you want off the horse before entering dungeons.

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It was Link