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Good day folks,

I was about to purchase a Nintendo Wii to collect some nintendo games as a second system, for Mario Kart, Mario games, Smash, etc. However, I noticed GameStop has a pre Owned Wii U system for $150 USD. Since that uses HDMI, I think that reason alone is worth it lol.

However, I know Nintendo has discontinued the product. I've heard the system has some hidden gems and a small but quality library. Do you personally agree? Again, for current console games I have my X1 S. I would like to hear your opinion so I can make a decision. Thanks for your help, it';s appreciated.

- Turbo

*Side note* I've googled to see if Virtual console still works, and it does and so that's a big plus.

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Tons of excellent unique games to play on the Wii U and Wii.

Well worth it,imo.

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If you like Nintendo games than yes Wii U has plenty that I think the extra bit of money would be worth it, along with HDMI support for the Wii stuff. Of course it doesn't have Gamecube compatibility though like the Wii does(well most versions of the Wii, I know some took it out).

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the wiiU plays wii games. so id buy a wiiU instead of a wii.

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@TurboGraphix said:

*Side note* I've googled to see if Virtual console still works, and it does and so that's a big plus.

Just remember you only have until March 26th buy shop points :)

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@judaspete: i didnt realise that. I bave been wanting to download the metroid games but been waiting to hear news as to if they will be available on the Switch when the VC become available.

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If I were you I would get a Wii-U before you can't find one anymore.