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Check out this great fan made tribute to ZombiU...

Perfect for Halloween too.

Enjoy :D

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That was pretty cool lol

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Hey guys & gals, just saw the thread here and wanted to say thanks for the supoort, its really nice to hear you enjoyed the film.

Going forward we'll hopefully be able to put more money into future shorts, it was a challenge doing this on only £250 but we learnt a lot in the process. It's always rewarding seeing our hard work being appreciated.

We need people like you spreading the video around otherwise it will only be seen by a minority and we think it can do much better, so again thanks for checking it out and thanks if your letting your friends know about it.

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OMG we can't believe it, someone on Reddit watched the film and liked it and wanted to let Ubisoft know. They watched it and the creative director of Montpelier studios, the people who made the game we based it on, just retweeted the film saying they thought it was a great movie!

How awesome is that! We obviously hoped gamers would like it but we couldn't have got a higher compliment than that, so awesome. We're buzzing with happiness here, woohooooo!

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Hey whatsup everyone!! Greg & Shaun here. We thought we'd do a quick update since the films now been live for almost a week and let you know how it's getting along.

We put the video up on our website & YouTube on Halloween after we had our private screening the night before, which was totally awesome by the way! We kind of hoped the game sites would pick up on it on the day but maybe that was bad planning on our part, we did try to do lots of promo stuff leading up to the release to build excitement but we understand we were an unknown entity at that stage so very little reason for people to check it out, it's there though and can be seen going forward so nothing lost really.

Yeah so we hoped it would do well and kind of had a figure of about 1000 views by the end of the first week. Well shiver me timbers, it's blown past that now and approaching 5000 in 6 days, with some incredible feedback. First up we had various game sites do stories about the film including GoNintendo, Destructoid, Kotaku, Nintendo Enthusiast and Gamestyle, it's also gained a lot of attention on social networks which is crazy exciting. The icing on the cake though had to be when someone watched the film and decided to forward it on to Ubisoft. We had been a bit worried at the start that they might not be keen on us basing our short film on their game, however it was a homage to it and in no way detrimental. In fact our intention all along was to make something as good as we could to let people know how cool the game was and how much we loved it. As a result, the creative director Jean-Philippe Caro & producer Guillaume Brunier of Ubisoft Montpellier studios got in touch with us to let us know how much they enjoyed the film and have been passing it round the team. This was probably the greatest compliment we could have ever imagined going into the project and we're absolutely ecstatic with their response and indeed everyone else's who's watched the film. Seriously we can't thank everyone enough, we made the film as a labour of love but also for gamers and the people that liked the game, so we feel overjoyed that it's turned out this way.

Even though the films out and doing great, we still have more supporting materials planned, in fact only yesterday we released issue 6 of our Weekly Apocalypse Newsletter and we still have another four to come at a later date. All will be available to download as a pdf but you'll need to work out how! Hint (watch the film and use your mobile like a scanner). We also have a free competition we'll be talking about in our next video blog so check that out when it's available and finally we'll be discussing or moving onto our next live action short ZDM, so it's non stop here at the studio.

Well try get a live hangout soon as well so you can pop on there and ask us any questions about the film and we'd more than happy to answer what we can.

That's all for now though stay frosty!