Should i sell my Wii U Console?

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Posted by GuitarSmash (274 posts) 4 years, 3 months ago

Poll: Should i sell my Wii U Console? (44 votes)

Yes 27%
No 73%

I bought the Wii U Deluxe Console at launch and it has pretty much been collecting dust with the lack of interesting new games. I can pretty much get every game i was planning on getting on Xbone, such as Watch Dogs, AC4, etc.

Also there are really no interesting first party games or exclusives coming out (except X, SSB (On 3DS), and Mario Kart).

And really Nintendo?!? They are planning to release another console in the next couple of years and might possibly drop support for the Wii U.... just great...

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#1 Posted by ANIMEguy10034 (4954 posts) -

If you're interested on X and Mario Kart, I wouldn't sell it just yet. You'll be wasting money if you decide to buy one again. There's a Nintendo Direct tomorrow which may reveal more new games. Hang on a bit.

Sony and Microsoft will also release a new console in a few years and drop support for the PS4 and XBone, respectively. It happens to every console. There has not been any official information about a new Nintendo console being released in the next 2 years. I don't understand what you're trying to complain about there.

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#2 Posted by Planeforger (17455 posts) -

If you've got nothing to play at the moment, and you aren't particularly looking forward to SSB or the other upcoming games...why did you buy a Wii U?

It doesn't sound like you particularly like Nintendo games.

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#3 Posted by Master_Of_Fools (1651 posts) -

You do not sell a Nintendo system. That's just stupid.

And Nintendo ONLY DOES GAMING. They ALWAYS PLANS FOR THE FUTURE OTHERWISE THEY DIE. It takes an entire generation 5-7 years to make the next system. Wii U wont be ditched. Nintendo cant just drop their main product and spit out a new console in 2 years.

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#4 Posted by trugs26 (7528 posts) -

If nothing interests you now, and nothing announced interests you, just sell it.

Maybe, if anything, just wait for the Direct coming tomorrow. Then, decide. Most likely you should just sell it. Doesn't sound it's your thing.

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#6 Posted by spike6958 (6698 posts) -

DKC:Tropical Freeze is enough for me to keep mine. Love this series.

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#7 Posted by nini200 (11484 posts) -

Yes sell yours

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#8 Posted by IMAHAPYHIPPO (3192 posts) -

I always think it's a bad idea to sell low on something, as it typically means your interest will pick up at some point in the future, but if you really have interest in Nintendo exclusives, I don't think a Nintendo console is for you.

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lol you bought a wiiU for assasins creed? yes sell it....

you can buy that garbage along with watchdogs and the division on the xbox 360.

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#10 Posted by YoshiYogurt (6008 posts) -

There are plenty of games out already, and coming out. I have no idea why you bought an XBONE at all? $500 on a console with 2 piss poor exclusives.

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#11 Posted by Megavideogamer (6370 posts) -

Keep your consoles. The Wii U may not be doing well now. But that could change. Nintendo is in it for the long haul.

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#12 Posted by YearoftheSnake5 (9117 posts) -

I'd keep it if I were you. The games you want are right around the corner. Might as well wait, play the games you want, and sell it if you want after that. By that point, there may be more interest in the system from the improved library and it'll fetch more money than it would right now.

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Nintendo is coming out with the good stuff this year. Bad time time to sell it. A lot of people are going to be buying a wii u this year.

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#14 Posted by 19James89 (30 posts) -

I was debating whether or not to sell mine, but then I remembered five things.

1. Mario Kart 8

2. Super Smash Bros.

3. Bayonetta 2

4. X

5. Zelda.

I'd take these five games over the generic rubbish that will be churned out on the PS4 and Xbox One any day of the week. I'd save a fortune too which will allow me to purchase some top of the range waders for when I finally get around to some serious urban trout fishing.

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There will always be games on WII U that you can't play on anything else.

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#16 Posted by bdmckinley (814 posts) -

Yes, sell it. It has no good games out now or coming out in the near future. /sarcasm

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No, X alone is worth to keep it (could just be my personal bias) :p

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keep it, you wouldn't get much for it anyway... X is coming, Zelda and if you're like me and never had a Wii you can buy all the older Wii games that were good and play them via HDMI and not worry about having to deal with component video etc. I never had the Wii so I've been researching all the Japanese games I might buy for cheap now, although some like Xenoblade Chronicles are expensive now.

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#19 Posted by zatorys (630 posts) -

sell it fast !

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I'm having the same issue - I bought the Zelda version for my daughters because they got good grades. Being a gamer and an owner of an Xbox 360, I thought for sure there would be *something* on this thing that I could play but I can't find anything. They are either uber kiddy games or various Mario games that have not really done anything for me over the years (Mario Kart notwithstanding - always loved that one). I had also though that with the virtual console, I could download the old games from the NES or SNES, but they only offer a very small handful of titles which is lame. Why can't they offer up all the NES/SNES games for download? I really don't see how this thing has any plans of lasting with little to no third party support, you can only play so many goofy party games or Mario games. My other huge gripe with the thing is how incredibly SLOW it is. Navigating between menus freaking takes forever, drives me insane. Not to mention what I had to go through to set up the accounts - I've never been asked for my username, password, pin number, etc. so many repeated times that it's not even funny.

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#21 Posted by deactivated-5998864a726a0 (105 posts) -

You shouldn't sell it.

Wiiu haven't a lot of games but it will have enough games when generation end.

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#22 Posted by Dennysinny (296 posts) -

@Master_Of_Fools said:

You do not sell a Nintendo system. That's just stupid.

And Nintendo ONLY DOES GAMING. They ALWAYS PLANS FOR THE FUTURE OTHERWISE THEY DIE. It takes an entire generation 5-7 years to make the next system. Wii U wont be ditched. Nintendo cant just drop their main product and spit out a new console in 2 years.

you cant say its stupid... lol

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If selling it means you're able to grab another console then do it, you will not be happy with the Wii U.

If you're just going to sell it because you don't see any games but you're able to get another console without selling it then keep it.

It's almost impossible to be happy with the Wii U if that's the only console you have. You'll either have zero third party games or the worst versions of them (Assassin's Creed), sports games are nonexistent, and first party games are either rehashes or coming so slowly that you're going to be waiting months for things to play.

If you're able to grab another console then do that and keep the Wii U for the 2 or three times a year it gets a game.

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#24 Posted by mariokart64fan (20728 posts) -

no big mistake once you decide to buy , , youll just rip your self off if you sell it because you wont get all your money back ,

and if they announce something you do want then youll have to buy again wasting even more money , plus what you lost in the sell so ya if you want another system id save up for one nad keep what you got you know but why would you not want those games on your wiiu if you already got access to it

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#26 Posted by shipster30 (25 posts) -

Keep it. Chances are you'll probably find a game down the road that you'll want to play and will regret selling it at a loss. Games ebb and flow and eventually you'll find something that you like.

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The Wii U have more good games than any other new consoles at the time, if Nintendo games doesn't turn ur head then u better off without the machine

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What games have you played for the Wii U so far? Maybe you haven't exhausted all that's out there to keep things fresh.