If 2013 was the year of Luigi

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Then rightfully 2014 must be the year of Mother.. 2014 mark the 25th year anniversary since release of the original Mother on the NES.. This series really needs some love and a remake/sequel on the Wii U will not hurt the sales definitely.


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Also realized this is the 20th year anniversary for Earthbound.. Definitely needs to be year of Mother

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I want a year of Zelda after seeing this http://tentacletherapissed.tumblr.com/post/72966524112/joanegbert-eeriberry-dresdencodak this is a fan idea but a worthwhile one

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Sounds good to me. A new Earthbound could give the Wii-U a much needed boost.

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i want this to be the year of samus..

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This "Year of" thing Nintendo had for Luigi should definitely continue to other titles/franchises/characters. I don't know how they managed to get all those launches (and specific gameplay mechanics like those in Dream Team) into 2013 at once, but that was some great stuff Nintendo.


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@KBFloYd said:

i want this to be the year of samus..


Although, it could be the Year of Yoshi, since we have two Yoshi titles to be released this year (Yoshi's New Island and Yarn Yoshi), plus Yoshi being in Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros.

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I would like it to be the year of peach.

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Last year should have been the year of Starfox since it was its 20th or 25th anniversary I forget. But Nintendo screwed up yet again big shocker. And the Year Of Luigi is continuing in this year.

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it was just a marketing ploy, if Nintendo does another "year of _____," we will know for sure that they're desperate. new ideas Nintendo!

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I've always wanted to play Earthbound, really badly. If I ever get a WiiU one of my first orders of business will be to play that freaking game.

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Both Earthbound and Mother 3 are must plays

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I don't think they're doing a 'year of' thing, or if they are I imagine they would announce it first.

If it's the year of anything, I'd say it's quite simply the "Year of Wii-U".

Nintendo will probably focus a lot more energy on the Wii-U this year, especially since the sales have fallen short.

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Year of Luigi pt. 2

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you do still realize its the year of luigi right