Am i the only one that actualy likes playing in 3d?

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#1 Posted by darkziosj (166 posts) -

I mean it gives a nice touch to the graphics and the background, but alot of people hate it and i seriously don't know why.

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#2 Posted by glimpus (2306 posts) -

i like it too.  especially when games are made and the environment scaled for it.  

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#3 Posted by deactivated-57e5de5e137a4 (12929 posts) -

I like it in some things, but the pixely textures usually do more harm than the 3D effects do good. Plus, it tires my eyes out very quickly.


Mario Kart and Steel Diver are probably my favorites games using it.

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#4 Posted by Sora278 (1496 posts) -

I usually play 3DS games in 3D, only time I do not is when the 3D looks bad like in Tales of the Abyss.

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#5 Posted by spike6958 (6674 posts) -
I can't, after a few seconds it starts to strain my eyes.
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Its just something if you don't focus on and it will acclimate to your eyes.

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#7 Posted by Blabadon (33030 posts) -
I play in 3D very often unless I'm playing at an angle where I can't do so.
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Unless I am on a bumpy subway/bus ride, I always have the 3D on.

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#9 Posted by Optical_Order (5100 posts) -

Depends on the game/how I'm feeling. Too long of use does give me strain/headaches. 

Animal Crossing I don't play in 3D, doesn't really add to the experience for me. 

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#10 Posted by OreoMilkshake (12833 posts) -
I love the 3D and used it for everything except Dead or Alive.
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#11 Posted by thedude- (2369 posts) -

Its good they made a 3DS without 3D because there are lots of people who always turn it off. However they fudged up on the name. "3DS Lite" would make more sense considering there will be parents wondering if their kid's 2DS will play 3DS games.

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#12 Posted by Pixel-Perfect (5778 posts) -

I like it a lot. Have it on 95% of the time. 

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#14 Posted by DJ_Lae (42748 posts) -
Almost always have it on - let's be honest, the 3DS' screen is so low res it needs all the help it can get and gimmick or not the 3D effect does help the system's cause. Except for games with appreciably better 2D (DoA's double framerate and AA, if I remember correctly) or games with just plain awful 3D (Etrian Odyssey IV).
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#15 Posted by Kenny789 (10434 posts) -
I use it every now and then but hardly ever have it on. I'd rather save the battery life.
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#16 Posted by RiKanKiDD (1059 posts) -

I have  used the 3D 100% in the 7 3DS titles i own

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#17 Posted by Lyphe2k (3385 posts) -
I must admit it brings a nice holographic-esque lighting to games when it's turned and luckily it's noticeable at the most minimal 3D toggle. However, it feels more of a gimmick for me where it's nice to turn on to see how the game looks but that's it. I find it actually kills some of my engagement in the game when I have to focus and keep the 3DS tilted the right way.
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#18 Posted by hotdiddykong (2098 posts) -

I love it, especially in games that use it well.I always have my quality time on my 3DS with headphones and  brightness on 5 and power saving mode off with 3D turned on for the best experience.. atleast for me :Pthough there are some games whose 3D is really poor or just dont work well. but what I own in games, I love it.

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#19 Posted by Litchie (21040 posts) -

I always have the 3D turned up to max. Unless I'm playing Dead or Alive, which is 60fps whithout 3D. No other game I have benefit from having 3D off. 3D on the 3DS is awesome.

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#20 Posted by Litchie (21040 posts) -

3d is awesome, until you have to move the 3ds a bit, like in Ocarina of Time 3d when you look around.   The Viewing angles suck, big time!


I could make it work. And if you couldn't, you could always use the analog stick instead. Or disable 3D when looking around.

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#21 Posted by YoshiYogurt (6008 posts) -
Pretty much all the time
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#22 Posted by JustBoomer (188 posts) -

I play in 3D since launch day, I will for the gaming future.;)

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#23 Posted by Epak_ (9898 posts) -

I friggin' love it.

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#24 Posted by Minishdriveby (10520 posts) -
I turn it on for a minute or two with every new game, but I don't really care about it.
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#25 Posted by gamerdude970 (367 posts) -

I rarley play 3ds games without the 3d.

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#26 Posted by osan0 (15004 posts) -
i keep it on for all games. i have eyeball 1.1 which makes me fully 3D compatible :P. for some though it causes strain and headaches (im not sure why mind) so its probably best to leave it off or use it only in small stints.
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#27 Posted by DJ_Lae (42748 posts) -
Add one more game on the 'no 3D' for me - Bit Trip Saga. Beat seems okay in 3D but Runner is awful as the framerate seems to be 30fps (or lower!) in 3D mode and it's kind of choppy, which is a dealbreaker for something so reliant on timing.
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#28 Posted by rawsavon (40001 posts) -
Am i the only one that actualy likes playing in 3d?darkziosj
Yes, my little snowflake...yes, you are. Nintendo created it just for you. Rejoice in your specialness
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#29 Posted by TrappedInABox91 (1483 posts) -

I only use it for 10 mins. or so, esp. with games that use it well. Thers some egames that look terrible in 3DS, so them I never use it. OOT 3D is one of the best games in 3D for the 3DS IMO.

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#31 Posted by LoonyFeline (25 posts) -
I use 3-D most of the time. I rarely turn it off unless my eyes are feeling tired.
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#32 Posted by Yomeidient (430 posts) -

I use it a little bit. It makes animal crossing look nice. The effects do look rather nice, however alot of times it's more comfortable for me to hold the 3ds closer to my face and at that length the 3d effect does not work, so for the majority of the time i'd say i do not use the 3d. Also battery life. I definitely enjoy it though.

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#33 Posted by Audacitron (971 posts) -

I love it.  It's awesome.  I use it all the time.


I never get 'eye strain'.


Watching games from the wrong viewing angle can be annoying.  So I avoid that.  But it doesn't give me headaches, sore eyes, or any other complaint.


I always want games to use it to the max, and get disappointed when they tone it down.  Another thing that makes the 3D great, is it makes things seem bigger.  It's like you're looking through a window to a bigger screen.


It's epic.

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#34 Posted by RatedSTARZ (400 posts) -

The games that do a good job with 3D like Super Mario 3D Land, I tend to play with the 3D on... usually on the lowest settings or else my eyes burst in pain lol. 

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#35 Posted by BigBen11111 (1529 posts) -
I like it some of the time now, It's a nice concept. But sadly it could leave some games rather blury. But I still like it, but I don't always use it.
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#36 Posted by Nintendo_Ownes7 (30973 posts) -

I always play my 3DS with 3D on; The only time I play without 3D is if I'm recording offscreen footage or when I'm too tired so I can't focus on the screen.

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#37 Posted by xGamePlayerx19 (379 posts) -

I usually use it for games that make good use of the 3D, otherwise it's off.

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#38 Posted by PlusQuad (25 posts) -
I absolutely never play in 3D it hurts my eyes and gives me a head ache after a while.
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#39 Posted by WeskerTeam (1776 posts) -

I nearly always play in 3D. Currently playing Mario and Luigi Dream Team.