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Zelda TP was great, really, a great game, but thats about it for wii. All the recommended wii games are really weird or not "American" enough (honest and truely, i mean NO offense to anyone, im american so i want an american game.) What i mean by american game is basically a good action game. I also want a game that friends get together to play IM TIRED OF HALO 2!!!! Yeah i know there's Red Steel but it got a bad rating, i don't think it looks so good, and its not the sword fighting we need. All Wii needs (and i mean all it needs) is a sword game that has good multiplayer. I dont mean a sword game that if you swing left it will go left, i want it to do EXACTLY as you do. Yes i know it would be hard to get used to, thats why i want it. If there was one of those games, friends wouldn't just master button pushing and timing to beat their friends, they would practice using a sword. Need encouragement.
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yes that kind of game would be amazing, but you cant ask for ti right away, the wii has been out only what, 2 1/2 months? developers need to get used to using the wii first, before they can make things as perfect as youre asking. and the wii will have other great games coming, all you need to do is wait. if you get a console at launch, the time period until the good games come out akwyas seems like forever and the games never seem as good as they could be. but deal with it, they will come.

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im gonna have to agree we are all gonna have to wait it out, its always a slow stretch between after a console launches and a big hit. i mean all we have to wait for is for someone to set a standard for a great action game on the wii, not made by nintendo metroid, zelda dont count even if they are awesome. i mean no more heroes, escape from bug island, sadness can all be big time sleeper games that steal the show this year and can lead to future games like that cause 3rd parties will think hey u can actually do something really successful with the wii. but only time will tell if all this will happen, i think it will
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You cant just base your decisions on ratings. Lots of people love Red Steel.
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Yeah, sure..wait for SSBB. Lol Im Canadian and waiting for games like you. Id prefer you call them "North American"