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For people who use android phones, it goes without saying that they offer the best gaming experience. One of the most popular games is the whistle to play game. This is a shooting and moving game whose aim is to ensure the moving crane hits nothing. This game is whistle controlled. The screen is usually portrait mode and the surface at the screens bottom is usually land and water. Controls are usually done to the left. However, if the crane hits the left edge of the screen, it will die and the game is over. Additionally, if the crane hits the top and right edges of the screen, it will stop moving. This game will keep you glued to your phone for hours.

How do the controls work?

The controls in this game are very unique. This game is surely one of a kind as it does not need to work out your hands either by moving the phone or pressing buttons. All you need to do is whistle. However simple it may seem, perfect timing will be of immense help to you. There are other set ups on the screen that you need to consider. The clouds on the upper half of the screen. The clouds may move but at most times they don’t. When the crane hits the clouds the game is over. Birds which are all over the screen. They shoot their sounds all over and when the crane hits the sounds the game is over. Balloons on the lower side of the screen. They can move and when the crane hits these balloons the game automatically ends.

To control the crane:

• F5 and F6 note by whistling Fa the crane will move to the right

• G5 and G6 note by whistling Sol the crane moves to the right and to the top.

• A5 and A6 note by whistling La the crane will move to the top

• E5 and E6 note by whistling Mi the crane moves to the right and the bottom

• D5 and D6 note by whistling Re the crane moves to the bottom

• C5 and C6 note by whistling Do crane moves to the left

• B5 and B6 note by whistling Si the crane prepares to shoot depending on the whistle you give. Additionally, whistling the Si note 7times will lead to the game being stopped.

• The sound of the crane moves on its own direction.

• If the crane’s sound hits a bird, the bird will die.

• If a balloon is hit by the crane’s sound, it will move in the direction of the crane’s sound.

• Hitting a bird using the crane’s sound increases your score by 0.01

Why you should try out this game

There are numerous reasons why you should play this game. Not only is it entertaining but also very engaging. The uniqueness of this game makes it one in a million.

Some of the reasons why this game is worth a try are:

• High quality game. This is a game developed by experts to ensure you have a great time playing it. Additionally, the game has undergone testing and given the fore go.

• Highly entertaining. Playing this game is nothing but sheer fun. Once you have started playing this game, you will stop at nothing until you have reached the highest score.

• Competitive. This is a game that brings competition among friends. Nobody wants to hear their friends have hit a higher score thus you can keep playing the game.

• Mind boggling. When it comes to timing, it is all about your mind. The way you know when to whistle will determine a lot on your progress.

• Highly rated. This is one of the highest rated games. This is more than enough proof on how the game is highly regarded.

Where is the game available?

This is a game that is supported by android phones. Additionally, not all android phones can hold this game. The quality of this game is only acceptable in android 4.0.3 and above. This game also does not have age restrictions. This is a game for anyone who wants to relax and pass time in an amazing way. Just like other android applications, this game is available on Google’s application store at [ ]. The game is also free to download.

What to consider before downloading this game

Downloading whistle crane game is just like downloading any other game. There are a few factors you need to consider before downloading this game. These factors include:

• Android version. Not all android versions are compatible with this game. Your phone needs to have a version of 4.3.0 and above in order to install this game.

• Phone space. As much as this game does not consume too much space in your phone, this is another factor to consider. If your phone has a low storage space, this game will always frustrate you. Additionally, ensure that your phone does not have other applications running when playing this game. This will ensure you play the game smoothly without any interruptions.

• Customer remarks. If the game is good, people who have played the game will give positive remarks about it. On the other hand, if customers did not like the game, they will criticize it and rank it poorly.


When it comes to playing whistle to play game, do not expect high scores when you first play it. In order to hit the highest scores, experienced is required. For you to gain the required experience, you must exercise patience and play the game regularly. After all, it’s only through practice that perfection is acquired. It is now time to have that wonderful experience by playing the most unique game. The whistle to play game is definitely a fantastic time to pass time. Therefore, if you are seeking to pass time in an entertaining and unique manner, the amazing whistle to play game will keep you company. Always bear in mind that it is always by playing the game regularly that you will hit the highest score. This is one of the most entertaining games that ahs what it takes to give you a great experience.