Why do shooters not lag on console.

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Why don't shooters lag on PS3 and such consoles even on 1080P. for example. black ops 2. 1080P on PS3 and still doesnt lag. it had pretty good graphics. other games can't run at 1080P like RPG. does that have to do with the open-world factor. more RAM is needed?

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Can't tell if this is a troll post...

CoD games run at sub-HD resolutions on last generation consoles... For example, the PS3 version of Ghosts (like BOII) runs at 860x600 resolution...

It's also about what the core engine is focused on. It's hard to explain, but there is coding priority, and fluid handling is not a priority for an RPG where you just have to push a button to call on an action...

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Blacks Ops 2 runs at a stable 60 fps on PS3 because that's exactly how they wanted it to run. A stable, high framerate is much more important for shooters. It's also why it's nowhere near 1080p on the PS3 (No Call of Duty has ran close to 1080p on PS3 or 360), it's 960x540 on an engine designed for a game released in 2007 and looks like ass compared to the likes of the Witcher or Skyrim. Even Ghosts ran at just 860x600 on PS3.