Who do you think's the most wasted NPC / side character in all of video gamedom?

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Me, I think it's Thane from Mass Effect. He's a complete f**king emo Kermit bitch imo.

Goodness...he got some serious brooding going about him, unlike Batman, who is a dark badass in the better light of character development since the 80s, when DC first made him that way.

But Thane? I had a casual conversation with him ONCE - and this was my first time playing ME2 - and it couldn't go without the weird af face closeups as he talked about his first contract kill. Overt, much? XD

And this is ridiculous how they turned the end of his side mission involving his son into a whole soap opera. I thought it was a SPACE opera, not a Stephen King-ish game like Alan Wake or Heavy Rain. Those games are good, only because they have HUMANS enacting in the scenarios. I love it when aliens are the good guys in games but the formula from Bioware that became Thane is.....*goes to the bathroom to vomit*

I don't know I was just never drawn to him. Any of the Assassins from Assassin's Creed could kick his butt and they all existed centuries before him lol.

Who's one video game supporting character you can't stand? Second place for me is the angel from Baroque for PS2. He's slapped onto the F**KING cover, peeps automatically are fooled into thinking he's the main hero....

....then you find out you're really playing as some mute kid with no powers.

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Pugee from Monster Hunter

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aw, at least he cute!

@RSM-HQ said:

Pugee from Monster Hunter

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Technically not an NPC(and in fact she's playable) but Flayn from Fire Emblem: Three Houses count as "useless" unit. She's a decent healer but nowhere close as Dorothea, Mercedes and Lysithea in comparison as she can be recruited quite late in the game. Even Byleth already a better healer than her if you teach her faith skills from beginning of the game She was relegated to an adjutant to more useful units in combat at best and never deployed at worst.

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Luigi and his partners in Paper Mario TTYD.

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Recently i'd have to say Marvin from Resident Evil 2, he's barely in the original, but they could have easily done DLC as a prequel to the main game.

Resident Evil 2 is a game I would have happily bought a season pass for, presuming it was good SP content.

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Pagan Min in FC4 and yes I know he's not a side character but he was the only good NPC in the game that didn't put me asleep.

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Pegleg Paolo in Sea of Thieves.

Guy was so wasted, he kept losing his pegleg.

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@thereal25: A great chibi pig full of personality. As an NPC? could do more. Has become even more useless in MH:W

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Sten from DA: O. Did not even use him at all (apart from the companion quest line) due to his high mortality rate.

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Resident Evil had plenty of wasted characters in the past. They're so bad that they would easily top the list.

1. Resident Evil 2: Marvin Branagh - This guy only got 1 scene throughout the entire ps1 game. It looks worse when you realize that he was a high ranking officer and Leon's superior.

2. Resident Evil 3: Brad Vickers - Like Marvin, he only gets one official scene with a conversation. Which is stupid because the game has you chasing him throughout the neighborhood. The next time you see him is when he gets killed by Nemesis.

3. Resident Evil 3: Carlos Oliveira - This guy was a capital douchebag. He was super cocky and he kept going on about his looks. He would've been so much more charming if he wasn't so damn full of himself. The game tried to justify his existence with an errand to save Jill's life. But it felt so cheap, the whole trip Carlos took to create the antidote looked like something Jill could've easily done by herself. There was nothing special about Carlos at all.

4. Sonic Series: Amy Rose - Literally EVERY appearance she makes in the Sonic games, she is completely useless. She's slow, weak, can barely jump and has a bigass hammer with very limited reach.

5: Super Mario series: Luigi - Besides being an excuse for multiplayer, Luigi is basically a shitţy Mario clone.

6: Halo 5: SPARTAN Locke - This dude bored me to tears. There was nothing interesting about his back story, he had a very weak personality and his armor looked like a gay Ninja Power Ranger. The worst part was that the majority of the game was spent playing as him over Master Chief.

7. Spiderman ps4: Mary Jane - I totally get her reason to exist in the game but I hated the heck out of her stealth missions. They only showed you how much the stealth sucks and the game forces you to play through those missions. I deduct an entire point off the game's overall score because of how bad her missions are.

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Electrocutioner in Arkham Origins. I think they just had some fun with us and make him sort of a joke bossfight, but a proper fight with him could have been very interesting.

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Going back in time here, Toma Levine from Chrono Trigger.

It would have been cool to take part in his adventures at some point, or learn more about what he's seen and where he's been. Keeping him as mostly a mystery is cool too, but I always wondered about that guy.