What do you think of my game idea?

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So the game will be a survival first person shooter, and it is going to be set in a world where hitler has won WW II. The game will be open world and it will have one destination to get out of the world and seek to kill hitler For Hitler killed your family and your identity. So in the open world you HAVE to survive, from water, food , sleeping is a must for stamina and getting hurt requires actual medical kits. The game allows you to go into any building house and scavenge what you can. Also explore the world and houses. You have choices like if you go into a house and there is a family you can be heartless and kill them then scavage or if the game has created these people to be good, you can talk to them and learn their stories and maybe rest there and get some free supplies then move on. The game is set in the dystopian world of hitler winning WWII and yeah. what do you think?

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So ,in essence, you play a homeless bum with zero prospect of having a normal, stable, zombie killing life ? Lol, i dare you to pitch that idea to Activision. And heres a perfect title: "Homocidal Bum Simulator"
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So not only is Hitler alive and kicking, but he also personally screwed you over? Personally?


It couldn't have just been Hitler No, that's not enough incentive to fight him, he also had to personally kill your family.

That, and the fact the setting sounds close to Mortyr, makes it sound too depressing.

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I'm german and all I have to say to this....nah wait, I don't have to say anything at all..I'll just do this:

*Facepalm*....*Shake head*.....*Slowly walking away out of the thread*

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You know what. . . . I was pretty rude earlier. And i apologise Lets do this right - the story and atmosphere of you're game should induce strong emotional resonance but in terms of interaction with you're game gives me the impression its a cumbersome grind fest. I think you should start with game play elements and build the the story around the gameplay. It will lose some aesthetic value but its more incentive to explore the game world. I hope your ideas Manifest !
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Just out of curiosity, you are exposing this idea as a pitch to a game developer or for a game to develop yourself? This is the thing, anyone that is in a position as a established game developer wants to turns his/her own ideas into a game, not someone else's ideas. As a general rule, game developers don't accept idea pitches from outside sources to avoid claims of plagiarism if said concept happens to match in tone with some outside source. As it stands out, the idea you are proposing sounds too vague and sounds just like games already out there like "I Am Alive" or "DayZ". Unless you have a proper argument or story plot devise that necessitates the whole Hitler angle, I don't know why even include it. If you want to know if your idea is good or not, go ahead and build it up, flesh it out in complete detail and create a proper design document for the entire game and its mechanics. Even better, create a prototype. Learn programming in Flash or other game engine and create a playable version to test your concept. If you don't have the skills for that, then at least make it playable as a card game or board game to at least test if it is playable as a pen and paper RPG. Just because it is an idea doesn't make it valid nor can it be registered of patented, execute on that idea and make something tangible out of it, then you can have something you can copyright and protect, but only if you prove that it actually works as a real game.
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Thanks for the feedback people. No i don't actually want to create this game like all the other indie games, i just wanted people to give me their opinion on the idea and what not haha.