The New MMORPG in 2012: Wartune

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Wartune is browser-based fantasy game with hybrid gameplay revolving around city building, single player training, multiplayer-based campaign exploring, and dungeon brawling. As the lord of the city, you need to expand your city, develop your economy and raise powerful armies to defeat demon hordes. The game, originally published in China, is developed by 7Road, the maker of DDTank and It will be published in North America by R2games, a China-based gaming company behind anime RPG Crystal Saga. The game is in its open beta phase at the moment. Register for Wartune:
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Wartune now is full of cheats and hacks, what players hack and cheat is no other things, but gold and darus. And these gold and darus, a player who paid hundred of US dollars to buy from, a cheater can gain it in a day's of hard work, hard work of cheating of course, and all they applied is just a cheat engine. I played Wartune before, and I have been recently banned because I made a post to complain about the cheater in forum. In server 66, there is a player called Mirajane and almost everyone in the server knows he cheat. They can even tell me how he cheat, in what way did he cheat. Then there is another player called 2Mystica1. This player is only level 30 ++ but he can create a room with the map called Void, and start to invite everyone in the World Chat to join his room. But this is impossible, because the minimum requirement for a player to create a room for the map, you need lvl 40 at least. But 2Mystica1 is doing it in his lvl 30s. And everyone in server 66 knows he is a cheater. He even dare to cheat with yelling in World Chat. And when you look at his profile lol, level 30 ++, confirmed cheater.But what R2game can do? They cannot do anything about the cheat, all they can do now is hide the truth. Me, I made the post in forum to complain about the cheat. R2game admin banned me out in less than 30 mins along with my post.What r2game admin did here is, they banned the player who reported the case, this is abnormal, no ever a game admin will do that. You do not ban the ppl who report to the case, you ban the ppl who violate the rules. But R2game did exactly the opposite thing. While I am making my way to make my post reveal as much as possible, there it goes, I found the site. Check this site out. And what an idiot I am.... there already posts existed there last to a month's old for the poster. And all of them are saying the same thing: Wartune is full of hack now. Everyone knows that long ago, and I only get to know after a month's playing. You can't even report or make any post, anything that Wartune has hackers or cheaters, or else you will get yourself banned in an instant. This game is hopeless now, totally hopeless, full of cheats and hacks.