The Last of Us Part 2: The Price of Revenge (Spoilers) (My Thoughts)

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The Last of Us Part 2 takes place years after the events of The Last of Us,

Ellie and Joel have gotten older and are living a civilised life in Jackson with other friends and families.

During this Journey, things happen, The world of The Last of Us is brutal and unrelenting, one second you take a breath your beaten, we come across a new character in this game who goes by Abby who is part of a faction called WLF or WOLF for short, She was a former firefly and daughter of the Doctor Joel killed at the end of The first game driving her through years of trying to find Joel and get Revenge for killing her father, in the End she gets what she wants and beats Joel to death and having Ellie witness the killing blow.

Ellie makes it her mission to kill everyone who helped kill Joel and in the process goes on a long hunt throughout Seattle to find them, you play as Ellie for 3 days which are basically chapters then the shoes swap, you then take control of Abby for the 2nd time post killing Joel, doing this is a tough pill to swallow, playing a character that killed one of the main characters and going on her journey, from before she killed Joel to Post, you learn who Abby is, who her friends are and this is when the game makes you think. Is Abby really that different, Shes a daughter whos father was murdered, (Ellie basically the Daughter to Joel who, Joel dies, Ellie wants to get revenge) you play 50% of the game as Abby and start to grow a liking to her, well i did, i dont forgive her for her actions to Joel but i understand them as much as it hurts to come to terms with that.

As Ellie makes this journey to hunt Abby she comes across her friends who in the end get slaughtered by Ellie so she can get to Abby, but things go wrong when Abby finds Ellie first after learning her friends are getting slaughtered. This is the first instance where i was uncomfortable playing as Abby as i had to do a Boss fight per say as Abby fighting Ellie and basically winning.

But Abby wins the fight and in the process kills a friend and was about to kill the most important person to Ellie before being brought to reality again by Lilly a Daughter like character you meet as Abby and a lot of Joel & Ellie similarities. Abby lets them live again and in doing so learned the most powerful ability. Letting Go. So she gets up and leaves. sparing Ellie and whats left.

But Ellie, still enraged and suffering from PTSD cant fight it anymore and decides to go back and find Abby once more to finish it and learns she headed south to find the new fireflies only to learn she was captured by Rattlers (Bandits) and is basically half dead on a beach tide to a post, Ellie saves her and escorts her and Lilly to a boat but at the last second Ellie wants to finish it, Abby and Ellie fight it out, Ellie has the upper hand and beats Abby, holding her head under the water drowning her lets her up at the last minute and lets her leave.

Ellie goes back home but in the process of her Vengeance she lost everyone close to her, either by Death or just pushed away and this is where i feel people are getting the ending wrong.

The games ending is incredible, because you dont kill the 'Villain' cause realistically your both villains, there are no heroes, Joel was killed by a daughter who wanted revenge, Abby was hunted by the Daughter of Joel (Ellie) who wanted revenge, it was a vicious cycle, they both did bad things and both paid for it, Ellie lost everyone and Abby lost everyone. Ellie realised that even if she killed Abby, its not going to fill that hole in her soul again, Joel wont come back, nothing in her life will change. She lost 2 fingers in her fight with Abby and that lost her the greatest thing of all, the ability to play the guitar, the sole thing she had left of Joel's was him teaching her how to play, and she lost it cause she wanted Revenge. The morale of this games story to me is Revenge is a no winning situation, you can fight all you want, kill all you want, but when do you stop to realise you've become the monster you went out to destroy, the innocent people you killed to kill in Revenge, you've done what Abby did to you.

Revenge inst a Win, Letting Go is.

The Last of Us Part 2 - 9/10