The best WW2 game for Ps2?

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At my local game store there is currently a sale and i wanted to get a ww2 game, maybe 2. Please tell me which is the best ps2 ww2 game. Remember im on a tight budget. Im not too picky about graphics but i don't want it to be like N64. Gameplay and sound (explosions, gunshots, troops shouting) are most important.

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#2 Posted by kadomony1988 (510 posts) -
I thought call of duty finest hour was pretty decent. i liked medal of honor rising sun a lot also even though its reviews were pretty mixed
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Medal of Honor: Frontline was really good. But that was a long time ago.
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brothers in arms:road to hill 30
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Panzer Front Ausf .B.
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I like Call of Duty Finest Hour and Call of Duty Big Red One.
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Medal of Honor: Frontline or both Brothers in Arms games there all 3 fantastic.