Suggest an introductory RPG turn-based game for me?

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Hi. Fallout 1 and 2 are about the [only] turn-based RPG games I ever played to the end, and several times too; they're two of my all-time favorite games, and I play a lot of genres. However, I tried one of the Final Fantasy ones many years ago, was really impressed with the visuals (yes, I'm one of the gamers who care about good graphics), but other than that, I could never really get into the game; perhaps because I found the turn-based options or menus too tedious for my own likes and taste. The things I really like in a game are: An interesting story, fun combat that is not too complicated nor require too much micro-management, and good visuals or graphicsprobably in this order.

Accordingly, can you suggest a turn-based RPG PC game for me that I may want to try and perhaps help me appreciate the turn-based genre a bit more? I am fine with the suggestion being one of the Final Fantasy games, and also totally fine with a suggestion of a Japanese game that has English subtitles. All I would need at this "introductory" stage is that the combat system and "menus" are as simple as possible. I understand that some people like to micro-manage, have endless options, and change even the bullet or arrow type and so on, but I'm not one of those gamers; I'd prefer to have fewer but still meaningful options that offer some variety and interesting combat strategies. And to give you an example, I enjoyed Dragon Age 2 perhaps a bit more that Dragon Age 1, and loved its combat, even if many others were calling it "dumbed down"; I also enjoyed Mass Effect 2 a lote more than ME1, in spite of what others complained about in terms of limited options and so on. In short, I do not play to micro-manage; I play for the story, for fun combat (and twists of strategy or smart choice or combos of spells can be appreciated), and good visuals.

I hope that some of my fellow gamers who are experienced in this genre can give me great suggestions based on the details I gave to clarify what I'm looking for. Many thanks for anyone taking the time to give suggestions.

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Chrono Trigger is simply one of the best turn based RPGs period. It is very japanese-y, but that is expected for a Square-Enix game. The combat is relatively easy and the story is one of the best I've experienced in RPGs.

A more complicated, but rewarding turn based RPG would be Final Fantasy Tactics. It is more strategic than other games (similar to Tactics Ogre), but well worth checking out.

Breath of Fire 3, Xenogears, Star Ocean: The Second Story, many good ones.

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well, i guess you re looking for PC rpgs only, isnt it? except for some final fantasy games, i dont know many japanese style rpgs for pc.

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If you liked Fallout 2, try Arcanum: Of Steamworks and magic obscura. It´s very similar to the old Fallout games.

And give Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2 a try. There are very, very good modules out there for free.

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If your looking for awesome turn based PC RPG's check out the steam store. Definetly play the re release of Star Wars the old republic(not the mmo, the old xbox version), also try out the Phantasy Star series, also on steam and only like $2 a piece. Definetly check out the Jagged Alliance series as well as the mentioned final fantasy 7 pc release. An different sort of turn based RPG with some strategy thrown in would be the Heroes of Might and Magic collection, for sure give those a look. Lastly I would recomend D&D Temple of Elemental Evil, while probably the weakest out of all mentioned it can be fun and its like 4 bucks on Hope this helped you in your search.

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yep, arcanum is great! only the battles are not turn based. but anyone should try it anyway.

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Since you like Good looking graphics.
I am suggesting a few RTS isque RPGs. I have loved playing over and over.
I suggest Looking intoHeroes of Might and Magic V + 2 expansions.
Also checkout
Might & Magic Heroes VI
[Over 200hrs of gameplay, a LOT more complex level up mechanics]
King's Bounty: The Legend [Combat and levelup mechanics r simple for all KB games]
King's Bounty: Crossworlds
King's Bounty: Armored Princess

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Anachronox, a Japanese style RPG made by the Western developer Ion Storm.

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i just now started to play chrono trigger on my DS i heave to say its a great game so far im not to deep in just got to the future i dont know why i never played this game i had it for like 3 years and today i just started big fail on my part lol

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Depends on the system and how you value graphics.

Final Fantasy III
Dragon Quest/Warrior IV

Final Fantasy II (IV)
Final Fantasy III (VI)
Breath of Fire I
Chrono Trigger
Dragon Quest/Warrior V
Super Mario RPG

Paper Mario

Final Fantasy Legend III
Pokemon Yellow
Pokemon Crystal

Breath of Fire I
Golden Sun I
Pokemon Emerald
Final Fantasy IV Advance
Final Fantasy VI Advance

Final Fantasy III
Final Fantasy IV
Pokemon Platinum
Pokemon Black/White
Dragon Quest IV
Dragon Quest V
Chrono Trigger

Final Fantasy VII
Breath of Fire III
Chrono Cross

Final Fantasy X
Disgaea Hour of Darkness

Final Fantasy I Anniversary
Breath of Fire III

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Chrono Trigger is the first RPG that comes to mind, and there's a reason, it's legendary and it lives up to the hype.