Star Wars Battlefront II worth it?

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I haven't bought Star Wars Battlefront II yet. I bought Battlefront I and I wasn't a fan of it. Too simple and got bored real quick. That was my first Battlefront game so maybe the franchise is like that. Whatever.

Star Wars Battlefront II better?


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Not for full price. The MP isn't bad even with the controversy surrounding crates and star cards but the SP is not so good.

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Singleplayer is amazing, doubly so if you are a Star Wars fan. Without giving too much away, it has you going from working as a background character in an iconic SW battle, to the main character in a background conflict, and back and forth. It's really great, and it ties into the movies surprisingly well. Irso, and Inferno Squad, and extremely likeable characters, the antagonists are enjoyable, and so are the minor characters.

But the multiplayer just drags the game, as a whole, down to sub-par levels. I don't know, maybe I just don't "get" the arcade-like aspects of games like Battlefront and Call of Duty, but there is something really wrong about a lack of iron sights, having to shoot your enemy like 15 times before he dies, and things like that. I'm not asking for extreme realism, I just want it to be a bit more skill-based than exploit- and gear-based.

I didn't think it was possible, but the Battlefront 2 Reboot is a step backward from the first Battlefront Reboot. Also, call me crazy, but the visuals look a lot worse than the first game.