Remember when EA used to make good games...

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Games such as NASCAR Rumble, The Urbs, Sims in the city (DS and GBA versions) Sim city 4, dulex edition, Sims 3, Nascar 2002-2007, Spore (To an extent, though the final product was a bit disappointing compared to the advertisements,) Mirror's edge, Star wars battlefront 2 (2005 classic), and Need for speed Hot pursuit (My fav was the one for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360).

It's a shame to see how much EA has fallen these days. I'll grant you, they've had issues back then as well, but nothing like today. Surprise mechanics and electronic pusdo-Kinder-eggs,(IE Lootboxes), kids spending hundreds to thousands on Fifa Gambling (Ie lootboxes again), The broken state of Mass effect Andromeda's release, the mess of Star wars battle front 2 (non 2005 classic), the pandering of Battlefield 5, and so many other issues I'm losing my breath just thinking about it!

Growing up in the late 90's-2000's, EA had made some of my favorite games, but now all I can see is piles of garbage. Back in the day I had fun with a game like spore, even though the game was watered down quite a lot in comparison to what EA advertised it to be. I found a lot of fun in games such as the GBA versions of the Sims, and in The sims 2, Castaway for the PS2, Xbox, and PSP. Even some of the newer games such as Mirror's edge and Need for speed Hot pursuit where quite fun in my opinion. Before 2010, (or maybe 2008), When I saw that EA was on the title, I could at least have some faith that game would be complete and fun. Now I don't even want to buy from them.

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Meh....bf5 is my favourite mp game of the year, and I haven't seen the issues that seem to enrage some players. SWBF2 (new edition) continues to please, FIFA is still a blast.....don't have many other current EA games though.

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I think they still make good games myself. Titanfall 2 was excellent, Apex is a really good game, and the NHL games are still very solid games. Mass Effect Andromeda may have been a disappointing ME game but in general it was still a somewhat good game. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order looks really good.

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I remember.

It even came with a music CD!!!

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EA just went crazy and greedy over the last 15+ years. They had some luck though, C&C Generals series was so damn good. I have no idea why they didn't keep making more of those. Their downfall began soon after that.

I actually do play some EA games still. I play Sims 4 all the time... but the game is a total disaster. Their last update they did over 3 weeks ago on June 21st for the Island Living release broke so many things I haven't risked playing it in fear of screwing up my saves, so I'm just taking a break from the game. They haven't even released a patch yet, they could have at least released a few patches and fixed a couple things at a time.

Sims 3 was also a disaster, it chugs along so terribly. It eventually breaks itself the longer you play.

EA doesn't test their games properly, they release them just whenever they want and disregard the quality of what they release. We end up with a broken game, complete trash usually and just end up waiting for a fix that may never come.

Its gonna get worse, they are loving their "surprise mechanics" and live service profits. Their games are mobile trash in quality now.

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Don't recall that honestly. I cannot think of one EA game that I can call "good".

"Serviceable" is the word I would use for the best they offered. And that was the first Dead Space. Nothing else is coming to mind. I've played two Dragon Age games and found them pretty mediocre. Though Apex is also "ok", stopped playing after the first month though. And everyone else I know gave up on it also. Don't want to be that guy but one you play around a bit you realise it's just lacking compared to PUBG and Fortnite. With that stated I'm just growing tired of BR at anycase_

*I don't consider games they bought out after original publication/ development an EA game. Dungeon Keeper being a strong example; for fans as well Mass Effect started development outside of EA. So keep that in mind also. Same with the likes of The Sims, and even Command and Conqueror. All these are as much an EA game, as Bayonetta is a Nintendo game.

Now if you want to count C&C and DK Mobile EA games, along with Andromeda, and The Sims 4? Be my guest. . . terrible

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Yup, EA used to be great. Now they're the scourge and don't really do anything particularly noteworthy. They still release good games occasionally, but none that actually leave a meaningful impact on the industry. The most recent one being Apex which was fun while it lasted but it's really just another battle royale.

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To me, EA only published games, not make them. I really don't care if the game itself has EA brand on it, if the game looks fun, I'll be playing it regardless what brand it has on. I'm hype for Jedi Fallen Order not because it's EA, Respawn is making the game, not EA.

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@davillain-: I don't know why you keep doing this to yourself Dav, EA would not give you the same level of respect and has shown as such to loyal customers. I recall a thread you made a while back giving EA the benefit of the doubt. And I even linked someone who worked for EA stating how the company runs things.

Think you are heavily undermining how much weight EA have over its teams and overall quality of content. They do far more than hand money and sit back_

EA still attempted to sell lootboxes in countires that deemed it illegal.

Also a company that enquired IP rights for Command and Conquer, Diablo, and Dungeon Keeper as micro transaction mobile games. Why do you think Blizzard fans are annoyed recently?

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I do think The Sims was better back then. Other than that, I feel EA has got greedier than ever.

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I think Dead Space was the last one I liked from them. Shame.

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I think BF1 was good and SWBF2 was decent after they fixed the loot box issue. Overall, I agree though.

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When they were less involved in the development process, their games were so much better and continue to be. Apex Legends is a testament to that.

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Yeah. I'd like to put "Dragon Age Inquisition" GOTY Edition in the discussion. But, I haven't complete it yet. Titanfall 2 (came out in 2016) is the last GOOD EA game for me. I also remembered video game community just play video games, not rage & complain every 3 seconds back in the day. But, that's an different topic altogether.

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@BigCat2K20 said:

Yeah. I'd like to put "Dragon Age Inquisition" GOTY Edition in the discussion.

As someone who has played-through that game without much nice things to look back-upon. You may need to elaborate on what you actually think is done "good" in the game.

Here is my thoughts on the game-

I finished Dragon Age: Inquisition on Nightmare. It was my first Bioware game, was always told "it gets better", then 30 hours in beat the final 'big bad' and all I had was complaints. It's an overly streamlined RPG filled with poorly designed fetch quests (mostly slapping down hologram flags), bad combat even by F2P MMO standards, terrible map design that never adds to combat encounters or interesting features, and outdated script-respawn NPCs. Gave it a 6/10. Which think is more than kind considering the experience I had. It played like a game with zero passion in its development.

Outside of presentation (graphics, music, voice-work) really cannot comprehend what people enjoyed about Dragon Age: Inquisition. It hurts my head just trying to think what could count as a positive in the game.

Speaking from personal experience; for me if I cannot enjoy the basic game fundamentals, it's not enjoyable. I'm playing a game. Presentation alone can only cover up so much mediocrity. Crytek can also vouch for that.

Bioware RPGs are the reason I started using a hours-system for gaming. To make sure I don't waste time on underwhelming games.

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What is the last EA games you consider good?

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@RSM-HQ: I'm just a simple man Mr. RSM-HQ. I see a game that catches my fancy, I'm gonna play it.

But more to the point, I don't have favorites (besides Nintendo) gaming companies but I'm not gonna be on this hating bandwagon if a game I wanna play happens to be EA, no way I'm missing out. If it makes you feel better, I use EA Origin Premier and I rather just rent EA games then paying full price nowadays anyways. I rather rent EA games anyways.

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EA has engaged in shady business practices as far back as I can remember, but they used to have a diverse and consistently solid lineup of games. I think they still make good stuff once it's been patched, but the thin release lineup makes it hard to overlook the greed nowadays.

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@davillain- said:

@RSM-HQ: I'm just a simple man Mr. RSM-HQ. I see a game that catches my fancy, I'm gonna play it.

I'm not gonna be on this hating bandwagon

Think it's less being on a hate "bandwagon" and more or less demanding a company betters itself overall. If you haven't noticed I don't just simply "lol EA" and call it a day. I explain my reasoning. And wouldn't do so if I didn't care to some extent.

And I would assume you would want quality to improve, even if you do not agree to voice your concern as the above have.

  • Capcom did it when they had a less than stellar image during the later part of the 360 generation and early this one (dmc, Resident Evil became Gears 'and other things', Dead Rising somehow got worse, and all that other overly western themed games, Street Fighter V, without Monster Hunter Capcom would had filed for bankruptcy).
  • Nintendo did it after WiiU generation had a total of five new worth-while games. And one of which took over a year to even be good.
  • List goes on

And it's not as though EA is on its lonesome here in 2019.

Konami is probably the most popular and for good reason, Survive is mediocre, statements "no one wants a new CastleVania", and cancelling Silent Hills.

Bethesda Studios is also getting heat after Fall Out 76. Not that they didn't already have a fleeting image. Skyrim was 2011. Eight years ago, the last game even worth credibility.

You can like what you play and very much enjoy it. I had some fun with Resident Evil 6 of all things. But I accepted things needed to be changed within the company. I even own Super Bomberman R, and hyped that CastleVania collection. But Konami still deserve every bit of criticism they get. And if we do not voice it, and or pay with our wallets? Companies like EA, Activision, and plenty of other shills will continue to destroy a hobby we all clearly enjoy.

So before assuming I just hate EA for existing. That's not it, I want games worth playing. And even if they're not catering to my taste, worth playing for people who want that experience. Right now Respawn is patching things but outside of that EA are still robbing customers blind with micro-transactions for games watered down, barely playable, and streamlined more so than Uncharted 3.