PC games that are more close to the life around.

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Could you suggest some titles for PC that aren't about a guy trying to save the world or other such super human stuff.

For example I liked hitman contracts not just because it's stealthy but it presents, I believe, more relatable situations like missions at hotel rooms, normal human parties, enclosed spaces of hospitals etc.

Even if it is set in another world or is way too far in the past, it's cool as long as the missions(or the atmosphere) itself are more natural.

It doesn't have to be stealth based games. Could be action adventure, FPS, RPG, whatever.

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Postal 2,you're supposed to get milk.

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To The Moon sounds exactly like the kind of game you would enjoy. It has some fantasy elements here and there, but it definitely deals with realistic characters and situations (for the most part). Highly recommended.