Mega Man: Video Man (Capcom)

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Perhaps America is developing a new Mega Man (Capcom) video game for Playstation that features the classic villain Video Man. This would compete nicely with Japan's manga video game commitment to galaxy themes. Mega Man is of course a robotic body armor wearing action hero character who battles pit bosses who wield sinister technology weapons and devious gadgets. Mega Man was introduced by Capcom and was popular with the bright Nintendo platform. Video Man would make a perfect foil competitor for Mega Man's skill with lasers. Video Man is a villain avatar from the Spider-Man comics, a supermutant being who can travel through electrical wires and manipulate computer networks and media systems. Video Man can also shoot electrical beams as weapons. Because the Mega Man series was one of the few that introduced the video gaming world to non-chronological do-it-yourself level selection, it was a great symbol of multi-tiered gaming that freed players from the gameplay constraints of the tedious and predictable "increasing difficulty" progression of games. This sort of action sequence was entertained in the classic Kung-Fu film "Game of Death" (Bruce Lee). Planet Hollywood is Neon and Community-Oriented!