looking desperately for old mac game names! please help!

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Hii, I'm looking for mac games from the early 90's.
1. i think it was mostly black & white graphics, the game was played with the mouse and there was an elevator that took you to different places... different rooms. there was some tree i think in the top floor and i think there was a little door in the tree trunk. the game was strange and very mysterious! i think there was one room with toys and some room with a special clock...

2. you are playing a frog and you have to eat as many flies as you can and avoid lightning, cars that might run you over, snakes and maybe there were vees as well. it was a 2D game played with the errow keys & spacebar.

3. there were a few different scene options to choose from, i remember 2: one in a back yard and one in nature- near a river. it was also a 2D game and you could place animals, plants and rocks in the game "deign the environment" and when you were done designing you had to press play and the animals would come to life and start making noises.

4. a soldier with a big chin and a few guns that hunted dinosaurs and looked for rabbits. i remember a "rabbit map" that came up when you pressed "p" key. there were a few "worlds" the first one was "in the wild" and i think the third one was in candland where there where hot chocolate pools that you could drown in, and gingerbread men would throw stuff at you.... the game was played as if you were looking from above at the game...

please help me get the names of these old mac games.
it was the early 90's...
thanks a lot! :D

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There is a thread dedicated to these questions. Please use it.

Link to the Games Remembrance Thread: