List of things your favourite game companies could do that would put a smile on your face?

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Feel free to go wild with this topic and list what you wish for these gaming companies to give you as a customer.


I would love to see a virtual console on the Switch rather than just the subscription based nonsense. I’d also like to be able to play games across console generations such as GBA and GameCube. (I don’t think we’ll ever see Wii games being re-released.)


Bring more ports over to the PSN for the PS4. Especially PSP titles. (Popolocrois. I know I say that a lot. :P)

Also! Make the next console backwards compatible to work with discs from the PS1, 2 and 3.

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Dragon's Dogma 2

Monster Hunter 6/ or WorldG

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Remake

Strider II HD


More CastleVania ports (Sony did the SotN/ RoB bundle)

Demon's Souls Remake

Also! Make the next console backwards compatible to work with discs from the PS1, 2 and 3.

^PS3 is extremely unlikely but PS1, PS2, and PS4 should be a must.

From Software

Armored Core VII


The real Pokémon Switch game with 3DS transferable app.

Platinum Games

Convince me Bayonetta 3 is worth my attention over/ or equal to DMC5

Vanquish 2

Remake/ or recreation of the Drakengard Trilogy


13 Sentinels to actually get released

Team Ninja

Just re-release the first two (3D Hack n' Slash) Ninja Gaidens or the Sigma versions on Xbox1, PS4, and Switch. They're great games.

*Can't list more because developers I like within gaming in-general make me happy plenty. The above is just me being greedy ツ

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@RSM-HQ: Great list. Definitely something to keep hoping for! lol

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@speeny: Thanks, I like your idea of a Virtual Console but sadly it's a hopeless dream in 2018 with retro minis being very successful for Nintendo financially. A few years ago it would have been a no brainier, but people bought them and it's a successful business model for Nintendo that they'd rather not damage_

I'm convinced that's why they're handling the subscription as a minor backlog service on Switch. It's basically a tease.

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@RSM-HQ: My main concern with the mini's is that in my opinion that aren't all that durable. Not made from the cheapest plastics but I guess...not the greatest. I think it's more of a gimmick. I just have mine to display on the shelf. Lol

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SEGA: brand their own custom PC; create an online games service; release more Dreamcast and arcade titles; let them be a bundle for casual gamers; support the others with limited editions.

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Rockstar: Release all GTA games from all platforms in a bundle for the new generation.

Valve: A remake of the original Half-Life and all its sequel plus Portal 1 and 2, and of course HL3.

Rocksteady: More Batman! I loved the series an I hate that it ended.

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I wish I could play a new version of Ape Scape, or a new version of MarvelVSCapcom, but there are somes whises that never become real.

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- Hotline miami

- Scum

- Enter the gungeon

- Ruiner


- Sable

- The last night

- Kingdom


- Beholder

- I´m not the monster

- Do not feed the monkeys


- Bomber crew

- Human flat fall

- For the king


- Metal gear

- Silent hill

Outright Games (for my son)

- Paw patrol

- Ben 10

- Sponjebob

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Activision selling distribution rights to GOG for the NOLF series.

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Don't make a Switch Pro, or at least restrict Switch Pro only games to those who truly need the power of the switch pro and cannot work on the original switch.

Bring Pikmin 3 to the Switch. Also Zelda Wind Waker HD to the switch. An Orcarina of Time and Majora's Mask HD remake would also be welcome too.


Make the PS5 fully backward compatible with the PS4

Also, Gladiator Begins 2 for the PS4.

A competent Gran Trusimo game would be nice too. Even better as a day one Release for the PS5. Or even as a Pack-in game for the system.

Better PS Classic games for the PS1 Classic.


Either Bring Sunset Overdrive to the PC or crack down on fake news of it coming to the PC and ratings announcements for it on the PC. It has gotten really old and annoying over the past four years.


Make a Megaman Legends HD remake or collection.

Namco Bandi:

Release Ace Combat 7 already! And don't even think about doing that DLC pain job stunt you did with Ace Combat 6!

Katamari Damacy for PS4/Xbox one and PC!

Touch My Katamari (PSVita) re-release for the PS4

Playable Ami Aoiba DLC skin for Digimon world Hacker's memory.


Bring your Transformers (PS2-2004) game to the PS4, PC, Xbox one and Switch, but like an HD remake and add an alternate Decepticon campaign.


Vigilante 8. Enough said. Would go better than the Diablo Immortal announcement at least.

Call of Duty 2 HD might be nice too.

Infogames (Or who owns the IP):

Bugs and Taz, Time Busters and Bugs Bunny, lost in Time HD Remake for the PS4/Xbox one/ Switch/ and PC.

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@blazepanzer24: I agree they shouldn’t bring out a Switch Pro. (If that is indeed the case.)

But I guess 4K is a thing now. Not that I’ve upgraded to 4K and probably won’t for a while yet but it just annoys me because it gives me a reason to spend more money on a console I already own but with maybe slightly better specs.

Consoles are seriously just PCs these days. Lol

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Sony & Microsoft:

  • These 2 designed and produced their home consoles having best choices for racing games IMO.
  • Gran Turismo (Playstation) and Project Gotham Racing (Xbox) were their first parties gained me interest into them.
  • In this gen Gran Turismo Sport and Forza Motorsport 7 are my personal favourite racers.
  • Also their consoles have heaps of 3rd party racers they can choose from too!
  • They should better bring back their M.I.A racing IPs: Rallisport Challenge & Project Gotham Racing (Xbox) and Motorstorm (Playstation) for next gen!

Arc System Works:

  • For having Guilty Gear & BlazBlue, my personal favourite fighters of all time.


  • For having Ridge Racer & Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune! One of my favourite arcade racers of all time!

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Day of Defeat goes F2P with CSGO style customisation and monetisation

Half Life 3


New Command and Conquer game

Command and Conquer FPS/RTS hybrid


Starbound in-game server browser

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@vagrantsnow: Yep, with you on Half 3. Also Left 4 Dead 3 would be decent too.

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From Square Enix.

Release full remakes of Tomb Raider 1, 2 and 3 in a one game bundle. Like Crash N Sane Trilogy. I'd settle for the same ps1 gameplay.

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@danielpacheco: Saw Do Not Feed The Monkeys on Steam a week ago. The gameplay seems dope, but I haven't tried it yet (not a fan of Alawar, but they've got some really good stuff, I only play now a bunch of their flash games like this type). Has anyone tried any of their masterpieces (Beholder, Papers please)?

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An old school Splinter Cell with Michael Ironside.

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Epicgames: bringing marshmello in fortnite <3

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Playdead cooperating with Eric Chahi for a proper Another World sequel.

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Go back to the drawing board of Rainbow Six 3 and Ghost Recon 1 and either remake them (including multiplayer) or use those for inspiration of a slew of new games.


Titanfall 1 was brilliant. Use that as the template for 3’s multiplayer and pretend 2 didn’t happen.

Burnout 3 needs a remaster - badly. Paradise wasn’t the fan favorite.


As the clear hardware innovator, surprise us with the next Xbox and bring us something the competition didn’t see coming.

I know you have a lot of new studios making games for you, but don’t forget us Live customers.


Discount your Flashback collection already on the Xbox Live store. I feel $60 CAD is a bit much for the entire collection.


Where is classic WoW already?


Ditch the Switch and make a real console already. I don’t want motion controls, I don’t care about a tablet, and mobility means nothing to me. Just make a box that plays games on discs with a dedicated pro controller.


How has Mr Bones been ignored for so long? Have you even played it?


I miss you.


How have you left Pitfall so dormant for so long? It put you on the map. With the popularity of the Uncharted and Tomb Raider games, this is your in to bring back a classic franchise. Make it adult though - the cartoonish games we got a few generations ago were stupid.

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@Sevenizz: Glad you bumped up this topic. Who knows if it’ll get locked though.

I liked Pitfall The Lost Expedition, even though it was kind of cheesy.

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@speeny said:


I would love to see a virtual console on the Switch rather than just the subscription based nonsense. I’d also like to be able to play games across console generations such as GBA and GameCube. (I don’t think we’ll ever see Wii games being re-released.)

That would be pretty awesome!

But I think the ultimate for me would be a Wind Waker HD port on Switch, or a Super Mario Sunshine remake.

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Valve releasing Half-Life 3 and L4D3. And a big new single player IP.

Sega releasing a third person 3D Streets of Rage with the best (and most appropriate) elements of Left 4 Dead, like the AI director. Would be just two players, though. Maybe three.

I actually kind of despise Rockstar, but I'd jump with joy if they showed off Max Payne 4. Something like this:

Sega making time attack games again, similar to Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio. Also, make Creative Assembly make another big budget horror or action-horror game.

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In a dream world I would want Square Enix to realize how stupid they where for cancelling Sleeping Dogs 2. And try to bring back some of the original devs from that game and make a full blown sequel with Wei Shen as the main protagonist again with the same voice actor also bring back other characters from the original game and set it in Tokyo.

Rockstar to remake Max Payne.

Monolith to make a new F.E.A.R. game that's a timed PC exclusive so they can push the tech like they did from the first F.E.A.R. and have the new game not have any of the horrible design elements from the sequels. Make melee combat feel great again also bring back lean and health packs of course. Improve the AI even more and make gun battles feel as amazing as the original game.

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Release GTA2 pc version on all platforms as well as the PSP Chinatown Wars. Also release RDR 1 on all modern platforms including PC


Release a Saturn and Dreamcast bundle app on all platforms like they did with the Genesis bundle.

Also release another Sonic Mania soon because that was fantastic.


Port over A Link Between Worlds and Samus Returns on Switch and start releasing SNES, N64, and Gamecube games on Switch.


Get your head out of your ass and give us Warcraft 4 and Starcraft 3


You can go straight to hell and give up the Star Wars license while you are at it.

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Sony make the PS5 BC with not only the PS1, 2 and 3 but also the vita and PSP (with an optional PSP disc and Vita card reader addon) and take steps to make those games look as good as possible on a big telly (there is only so much they can do mind). also a new Medieval please.

MS: dont stop obsidian from releasing linux builds of their games. i will certainly buy them if they arrive. this is a faint hope but i shall hope none the less.

Nintendo: proper gaming phone. do it nintendo....fight for that pocket space! throw a wrench in that very tired and boring market (this applies to sony also). also if that fan pic of pokemon in a zelda like game was a real thing...yeah that would be pretty amazing. i dont think they will do it...but they could. also the VC and previous purchases on the wii and wiiu honoured on the switch. also a gamecube mini...teeny tiny gamecube!

valve: im not going to state the obvious....but a new steam controller would be nice. the first one is excellent but could do with just some refinements on the hardware side.

Edit: also to all developers and publishers....Linux builds will certainly make me smile :D.

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@hrt_rulz01: I second a Sunshine remake. It’ll come one day. Maybe 64’ll be first.

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@kedgemor: Hey mate, I was lost about your message hehe I had to go up into the topic to check what I said :)

I am a big fan about weird simulators so I totally recomend you games as Papers please, Beholder or avobe all Do not feed the monkeys!

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Rockstar improve the red dead online.

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NetherRealms could have put Shaggy in Mortal Kombat 11 :(

Sony could make regular SD cards work with the Vita and not their own proprietary card

Gearbox finally makes Borderlands 3

Blizzard makes offshoot gameplay stories in between Broodwars and Starcraft 2 or even how Raynor became sheriff

Remaster of Thief Deadly Shadows

Remaster of Interstate 76

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1. Sony:

Announce 1st party JRPG, namely Wild Arms and Legend of Dragoon. Or announce partnership with Square or Bandai Namco for some JRPG exclusive at least. Due to rising costs Sony is very focused on titles that have worldwide appeal, sadly this means niche genre like JRPG is very low on Sony radar... I hope they reconsider, really makes my day.

2. Konami:

Suikoden 6

3. Square Enix

New FF game sets in Ivalice with Yasumi Matsuno directing, or at least as main scrip writer/world design

4. Atlus

SMTV is announced for all platform. I like to show off my jrpg trophies.

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Sony: Release a PS5 that is fully backwards compatible with PS1-4. Even if it's just in a $500 deluxe model. Also make more Twisted Metal games.

Nintendo: Have Platinum make a Mach Rider game, also Starfox but this time with full unfettered creative control.

Microsoft: Make good on your promise of creative freedom to your new studios.

SNK: Make The Last Blade 3 in the King of Fighters XIII engine.

Capcom: Power Stone 3 please. And another game like Spawn/Heavy Metal.

Konami: I know you guys don't really want to make new games, so how about a Turbo Graphics 16 Collection?

Sega: Make games like you did for the Dreamcast.

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Sony could allow the Vita to use regular SD cards instead of their cards, as Sony's SD cards are very expensive

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@zeggelaar: If this were a thing I’d probably pick up the Vita again.

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@speeny said:

@zeggelaar: If this were a thing I’d probably pick up the Vita again.

I adore my Vita, I picked it up with a 32 GB SD card for $100 so I can't complain

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MS announce fable or an adventure rpg of its kind.

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FromSoft: file for bankruptcy, and quit making horrible games.

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Monster Hunter 6/ or WorldG

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Remake

Looking back these two are a lock. WorldG is called Iceborne coming later this year, and Remake 2 gave enough eastereggs to hint Nemesis is well in development ツ

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Sony: Full Backward Compatibility on PS5, Take out PS+ requirement for online, Open up their games for cross-play

Konami: Remake MGS1 already, take notes from Capcom's successful RE2 remake

Square-Enix: Remake Xenogears and Chrono Trigger, with their anime stylized looks able to translate to games better than ever nowadays. And get to remaking or remastering FF8-9 ASAP as well. Hopefully FF7 release date is announced soon as well (hopefully a good remake too).