Knack Glitch report

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So this game is glitchilicious. Came across a number of glitches and thought I'd share anyone have others?

The levels are designed poorly making it possible to just pass most of the enemies and more on. Where you have to defeat enemies before progressing wooden planks erect and you can't pass till you defeat the enemies of the gate. You can run past most enemies until you get to a spot where you have to defeat the enemies and only defeat the enemies by the gate. At times you can play 15 min. continuously without needing to attack a single enemy. And twice in the game I was able to just hit the stronger of the enemies at a gate and it would open. Also some of the enemies don't see you they kind of get stuck.

Running past enemies as I mention above cut my game time in half. Before took 4 hours to reach chapter 6 now it took 2 hours.