is terria worth the money?

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its $14.99 and i wanna know if its worth it. if im paying that much i wanna play it for a while.

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Depends if you like Minecraft or not

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@mehncoyete said:

its $14.99 and i wanna know if its worth it. if im paying that much i wanna play it for a while.

Wait for a sale.

or if you dont like minecraft don't buy it at all, its basically just minecraft in 2d

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#4 Posted by LoG-Sacrament (20397 posts) -

terraria? i didn't like it. it's certainly possible to play for a long time, but i never felt any motivation to do so. the world is just such a blank canvas with nothing to really react to but basic survival oriented stuff. i kept making my house bigger and bigger without getting much fulfillment. maybe you'll like it if you know what you want to make going in (even then, the tools are mostly limited to medieval-themed stuff), but i wouldn't recommend the game.

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I love terraria and the tools certainly aren't limited to medieval themed items: ranging from drills to laser rifles and much more! It offers hours and hours of endless awesome! Well worth the money but would probably wait until a sale: perhaps near Christmas! But anyway, many bosses, many weapons, many things to do! GET THE GAME

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Like Janacuk said, wait for a sale. I got it on a steam sale for about 4 dollars (roughly converted from the euros I paid). Also, it's fun to play it with other people. Exploration goes a bit faster that way and it's nice to build and share discoveries together. I haven't really played it on my own, so I wouldn't know if that's also entertaining, but I guess that on a large map it can become boring quite quickly. I also haven't played Minecraft, but I could imagine that it's pretty similar to that game, so if you've already played that one, then playing Terraria might be a repetition of Minecraft (in which your buildings might also look less impressive because of the 2d). That said, I had a lot of fun playing the game. There's enough to discover to keep you entertained for quite a while.

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@loafofgame: I agree, It's allot more enjoyable with a group of buddy's

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I actually like it much better than Minecraft. The places you can visit feel like they are fleshed out in a consistent way and tunneling straight down will lead you to some seriously freaky hellscapes. The darker parts of the world have some pretty good Lovecraftian vibes going on as well. It's an interesting game and I had a good bit of fun with it.

I don't think I paid full price for it either though. So if you're not sure, I dunno, wait for sales like the others have said or maybe a demo? Is there a demo? I thought they made a version of the game for the LIVE marketplace, so you'd assume it had a demo.

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I have a friend who has put over 600 hours into it, but to me it just looks like a 2D, more complex Minecraft. If you like that sort of thing, though, wait for a sail. It was like 3 bucks a couple weeks ago. I'm sure it'll go on sale for Steam's holiday sale

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