[IEG] Infinity Elite Gaming is Recruiting! 16+

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[IEG] Infinity Elite Gaming is officially up and running on our new personal website! We are open for recruitment, with the first few recruits having their trials waved and automatically accepted! We are a 16+ clan, although we prefer 18+ we will evaluate 16&17 and consider for membership! IEG is a new clan, run by Punisher0419. We have dedicated leaders, and are looking to build a community and friendship based gaming clan for Black Ops 2. We are looking for recruits who aren't going to clan hop, and are able to prove themselves by staying active both in game, and on our personal forums. For the competitive players, we also have a GB and Competition Ladder team which will be created within the tryouts we will host once we feel the time has come and have had enough practice with eachother. Are you a Zombies Player? Then don't let that steer you away, as we will have a Zombies faction of our clan for those members dedicated to killing the undead and solving the mysteries ahead.... If this sounds like something you would enjoy being involved in, or you feel that you have what it takes to help us involved in running the clan please visit our website at: www.InfinityEliteGaming.com Use DFW FEEDS as your recruiter! Look forward to seeing you all, and meeting and getting to know those of you who do join! -FEEDS