I hate to admit that Days Gone is pretty dire game.

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After 15 or so hours, I have to admit: All those official reviews had it right; great visuals, bad game.

Days Gone is just anti-fun. With iffy gameplay, masses of bugs, and clumsy shooting mechanics. Which don't get any better as you buy perks.

Few examples:

1. Towns do not sell missions critical items. So, if you need to burn down zombie nests with molotovs, you spend ages searching for crafting materials for those molotovs.

And that's pretty big fail given that half the map takeover missions are about burning stuff down. (and for some reason small fuel cans cannot be blown with shooting so you cannot use them as emergency molotovs...)

2. Desipite having 40GB update, the game is still filled with game breaker bugs that force you to reload last save whenever you encounter them. Which is pretty often.

3. Full tank only lasts few miles, even with tank upgrades. And you realize this is a real problem when you notice you cannot fast travel without fuel.

Yeah. No fuel, no fast travel. So, if you run out of gas, you have to walk your bike back to civilization. Thru enemy infested areas full of wolves, bandits and zombies. Ouch.

4. Shooting is bad, and dont get much better with perks. When you pull aim, the hero does not even aim at where you were pointing the camera. This makes shooting in combat very difficult, I can tell you. And, no there is no auto aim.

5. Item wheel is iffy, as it tends to flip gear around if you keep the item wheel pulled fraction of a second too long. So, every time you want to use molotov, smoke bomb or whatever from the wheel, you have to make doubly sure you are pulling the right item. And since time does not stop when item wheel is in use, this means you really do not want to swap gear/weps in combat.

6. It takes ages to get settlements like you enough to sell you good quality items. And when you finally do unlock the shop items, you'll realize the settlements each have their own credit. So, credit you got in settlement one cannot be used in settlement two. Very stupid system, as some settlements have nothing worth buying, so you end up having masses of credits in settlement with nothing but gas to spend it on...

And that's just tip of the iceberg.

So, to cap; great visuals, well built game world, but more issues than Trump's foreign policies. Thank God I only payed 20 euros for this...

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40 GB update? Oh, thank god that I didn't buy the game yet... I don't have that much storage on my PS4. That's the main reason I didn't buy RDR2, because I'm not going to delete so many games just for one game...

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Happens to the best of us, for those who like openworld/ sandbox games Days Gone seemed like a sure hit. Backed by Sony who has a good record.

Same happened to me, no secret I'm a huge fan of games like CastleVania and Metroid, the Sony remake of Shaodw of the Beast seemed like a game that would turn out great. And it was pretty garbage.

Never ventured never gained though. I think it takes more character to admit when buying a dud, than having buyers remorse at anycase.

Just look at the people still claiming "Anthem is good". . .

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Sometimes people focus too much on the graphics and less on the gameplay. Before this was released I had mixed ideas of what the game might be like...

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i'm guessing you started out on the survival setting?

3. On the standard settings, even early on there's very little issue with fuel and item rarity, to the point where you had people complaining there was too much of it. I never ran out of kerosene for molotovs or fire arrows until I had to start hunting the bird nests (you'll see), of which there are 44(?)...and that was mostly my mistake, not thinking that 1 kerosene makes three fire arrows to just one moly. So maybe they dialed it back all over or it's just survival mode specific. Also, I pretty much fast traveled everywhere on my play through and never ran out of gas. And if you did run out of gas, you don't have to walk your bike anywhere, as you can pay the settlements to bring it back in for you, but I again never had to do that. And it's not obvious but the gas pumps at stations and at your camp work...just pull your bike up and hit circle.

5. The item wheel slows things down when you open it on the regular settings. You can also hit triangle to swap to your previous weapon. Changing the former is likely also a difficulty setting choice, then. But i can actually appreciate that from the standpoint of rifling through your bag in a pinch should be kind of harrowing - still, if they're going to do that, they need to make that item wheel tighter as it is genuinely difficult to select things when you have many recipes unlocked. I would like to see them make healing items require time to use and force you to stand still to use them.

4. Shooting is difficult at the beginning (which is a questionable choice as Deacon is ex-military and has been on the road killing freakers for a couple years now) but becomes laser tight with perks to the point where I didn't need a sniper rifle to counter snipe. Get yourself an AR (the MWS will do) and you'll be hitting people in the face in trees from hundreds of yards out. The focus effect also shrinks the bloom to zero. I don't know what perks you were picking but they make a huge difference in gun performance. It's actually one of things you'll hear commonly talked about at the end of the game - how powerful players felt they became. But the intentional accuracy issues at the beginning, coupled by the fact there's a fog of war and cars by the side of the road that still actually have parts and items are bizarre choices for a world that Deacon has apparently been wandering in for 2 years.

For my part, I had a lot of fun with the game. It's a standard zombie apocalypse story with some nice details, but the atmosphere was great and the game never pushed me to do meaningless activities like in many open world titles (which is why I tend not to finish them). It focuses pretty hard on the story and keeps things moving. In that way it kind of treats the world as a backdrop rather than a hub for busy work. This is what I like - taking a b-line through the story missions and ignoring silly quests like "kill 10 ferrets to make your wallet bigger and only ferret leather will do! (farcry, you do nothing well)," but most open world games are like 7-10 hours if you do that. This one is pretty meaty in its story chain (30-40 hours). I would like it to be harder with a stronger sense of survival and item conservation, frontload the zombie variety instead of introducing so many wrinkles late in the game. But, yeah, not a lot of serious complaints outside of the generic zombie-apocalypse setting that is so popular these days.

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Some issues I should also mention in case you buy the game! These are major issues to how you play, you see, so you should read them thru!

1. Your bike is very fragile.

Even with body upgrades, the bike still breaks down all the time. And when this happens, you cannot fast travel. So, you either push your bike back to town where mechanic can fix it. Or find enough scrap to fix it yourself. Which brings up the big issue...

2. Lack of scrap.

You need scrap to fix your bike, generators, and your melee weapons.

Trouble is, there is only so much scrap to be find, and scrap points do not seem to respawn. So, further you get into the game, more you find yourself out of scrap when you really need to fix something. In which case you must roam the countryside in an effort to find enough scrap.

BUT! You have to do this without leaving mission area!

Yes! In missions, you cannot leave mission area. So, if it turns out the mission area does not have enough scrap or other resources to do what you need to do, you are well and truly stuck, and have to load up some way earlier save...

Yeah. Thats really bad planning from devs. You usually cannot find enough mission materials in the mission area, so if you did not bring the stuff with you, its basically game over!

So, thats the most important tip for you. Never use scrap to fix your melee weapon. Save those scrap loot points for when you really need to fix something important. Unfortunately for me, I played melee oriented game, so right now the map is basically clean of scrap...

Which means I'm in the poo creek without a paddle...

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I liked what I played of it but it sure was lacking. I just found the characters to be pretty generic. My buddy who finished it said it was good but nothing great. (Got a little repetitive too apparently.)

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@speeny said:

I liked what I played of it but it sure was lacking. I just found the characters to be pretty generic. My buddy who finished it said it was good but nothing great. (Got a little repetitive too apparently.)

I actually liked the main hero and the storylines, with shady scientists doing weird stuff and so on.

But the only way I could finish the game is if I restarted from very beginning and focused on shooting.

I've put all my perk points to melee, you see, and that turned out to be dead end....

But right now I'm too fed up with the game to restart it. Maybe next year...

But if any of you think of playing the game, then focus on shooting, as there is plenty of ammo and guns to be had and that's the way the devs obviously want you to go..