Hi, I'm new here and I have a few questions

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Sorry if this is the wrong forum section. Like I said, I'm new here and to the whole foruming thing. :P But anyways, it seems like you guys have a really nice community. :) Ok, so to the questions. I was wondering if there was like a buy/sell section thing on here? Like you can buy or sell games/game related items/etc. To other users. Other question was how do I add on like a signature thing? I see people with them all over the forums. Like the banner type things at the bottom of your post. Is there a template or anything? And last question, since I am on the general discussion section, what is your favorite video game series? Mine is either twisted metal, hitman, or silent hill. Some I haven't really seen other people pick. :P Just curious about you guys though. :) Thanks!
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Welcome! This place will hook you quickly if you get the hang of it soon enough. There's a Glyde or some section in GameSpot specifically for selling and buying games, but I, like lots of other users, use the actual site minimally compared to the forums. For signatures, you may need to be a certain level, but you should find them by hovering over your username in the top right, clicking settings and going to the forums tab and scrolling down. You can copy and paste pics from all over the internet but cannot upload due to GS having issues. No template as far as I know. I love plenty of series like Halo, Super Mario, etc., but my favorite of all time has to be God of War. Six games of excellence.
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There's a whole board dedicated to newbies like you that will answer all your questions: How to GameSpot

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Welcome! Hopefully you'll enjoy the site, this place always needs new members.

To set your signature:

1. Click on your username in the top-right corner of the screen.

2. Click on "Options" (on the left side of the screen, orange tab). This will bring up a new window.

3. Click on "Forums"

4. Scroll down to "My signature". There you can insert images, GIFs, or text, just note there is a maximum image size of 50k.

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Everyone else already answered your questions, so I'll reiterate what Kravyn said and refer you to How To GameSpot for future questions about using the site. The folks there are super helpful. They'll make sure you're able to find your away about here.

As for my favorite series, right now (I tend to change my mind often) I'd say the Souls series -- the one Demon's Souls and Dark Souls belong to. Only played Demon's Souls so far, but damn -- damn -- it was good. Fantastic use of atmosphere. Really looking forward to playing Dark Souls once that DLC finally arrives.

Oh, and welcome to GameSpot!