Handheld Gaming and 32bit Graphics

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Hey everybody. I've been thinking about this topic for a while and was unsure where to post, so apologies if they seems out of place for whatever reason. Given my heartfelt love the Gameboy (I personally loathe everything after the SP) I was wondering: in an ideal world where Nintendo said they want all of their handhelds to have that classic, retro bit count would it be possible to say, cram every Pokemon setting, all the the little critters etc. with a new story into one game that still has 32 bit graphics? I'd absolutely die if Nintendo or some savvy indepdent developers rolled all the regions and pokemon into one big game that played like Silver and looked like Ruby and Sapphire. Is such a thing possible? Could current handhelds downgrade their graphics to that point but use the rest of the power to fit in more content like that? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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ofcourse it is possible but don't expect nintendo to be doing that
a game with all the regions and pokemon might be released somewhere down the road but it definitely will not be 32 bit

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Actually, this sounds way more awesome than one all-cities-included GTA.

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That's what I was thinking-I hope some people create this themselves and Nintendo buys it like those guys with the my little ponies fighter