Games that shouldn't be remade

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This list won't include licensed games due to their licenses may expired today. This also exclude remasters and re-releases as well.

1. Persona 3

P3 may have been my all-time favorite game but I'm afraid its plot no longer relevant in "I don't give a f*ck" era. In an era where turn-based JRPG no longer appealing to mass gamers, I think this one better to stay as it is.

2. All Suikoden games

Like P3 above, I'm also afraid the games may no longer relevant today. If people don't have any problems with plot and turn-based battle, they may have problem to recruit all 108 characters which they can find annoying and tedious. With zero interest on Konami itself, this one better stay off dead.

3. All Bloody Roar games

Bloody Roar games in today's engines could be awesome but with zero demands from gamers to revive it as well as its developers dead for many years, this one probably have zero chances to be remade.

4. All Grandia games

While Grandia 2 has been remastered several times including the upcoming Nintendo Switch one but none of its series got full-scale remake. Some blamed the poor selling third game and some think the game wasn't influential enough to be remade today. We do know that its creator died and Square-Enix have zero interest to see another Grandia games.

5. Front Mission 3

This can be said to all FM games but this time I want to focus on the most popular entry in the series, FM3. While I know most FM fans can't wait to see the game got remade but this is Square-Enix we are talking about. As Left Alive can tell us about it, it could ends up as a crap instead of masterpiece. Not to mention we are living in an era where turn-based games no longer cool anymore, at least to mainstream western audiences. In order to avoid controversies, SE should leave this one alone and let FM3 remained as a sweet memory to its fans.

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Gensō Suikoden games never made enough an impact to get remakes with a decent funding. But I can see a remaster collection due to Konamis recent trend of preserving its retro catalogue. The series still holds-up remarkably well outside of Suikoden IV. And from what I recall when the first two got resold on the PSN store (PSVita/ PS3) that sold way past expectations.

I'm also afraid the games may no longer relevant today.

Hmm. . So much wrong with this statement. Suikoden is a mix of Dungeons and Dragons/ Record of Lodoss Wars (very relevant in gaming) and famous novel Shuǐhǔ Zhuàn by Shi Nai'an; one of the greatest writers in the world.

I don't think Suikoden would struggle, just needs some form of marketing, and that's the area I see Konami not bothering with sadly.

Otherwise I think many games benefit from being remade. Especially 32-bit 3d polygon games. Even some 2d sprite games; Minna de Spelunker and The Secret of Monkey Island are great examples.

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@RSM-HQ: As my statement for Suikoden, what I think that irrelevant today isn't its plot but rather its general gameplay. Most gamers today might find Suikoden games as slow-paced, too much waiting, too much reading, etc. Today most gamers expect JRPGs to be action-packed like FFXV, Star Ocean and Tales of series. Turn-based JRPGs like Persona, Dragon Quest and Atelier series still around but they are nowhere as popular as action-based ones, at least in the west. Persona series may have been popular to anime and manga fans but not to general gamers. Atelier and Dragon Quest have small but loyal cults in the west.

Back to Suikoden again the fifth game could be seen as an anti-American or at least anti-Trump propaganda today as the antagonists staged a civil war in order to make their country great again, no joke. Just like you said, Konami could have problem marketing it if they still interested on the franchise. Right now they are too busy with MSG games and no interest towards Suikoden.

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@lembu90: We've had a few conversations about turnbase combat and that's really more Square Enix heads just not enjoying that format for the Final Fantasy franchise, it's a design choice. Not really so much as a trend of the times.

You've also compared these later Final Fantasy games to Devil May Cry and Soulborne games (both of which don't play alike). Take it from someone more into Action focused games. The difference is very noticeable for all these games.

DMC is a twitch Slasher game heavily dedicate to reflexes over awareness. First come first serve is the motto in these games. Usually an attack stands out with ease, players dies if they get greedy.

Souls is both build and awareness for precision, like Monster Hunter. It's more of a poking game than heavy combos.

Final Fantasy (XV) is basically Kingdom Hearts; floaty, and lack of substance. But flashy and has fun layers, but still trying to have elements from a turnbase RPG. I don't actually play much of the latter but I recall Kingdom Hearts 2 having a lot of quick time events and no skill really involved. Just luck if the ducks A.I. bothered to heal you at times. If it even has a skill layer I never noticed in my time. FFXV has been heavily compared to KH so I assume they are both shallow action games with lite RPG mechanics.

Plenty of games are turnbase at anycase in recent years. Well received/ sold well and even previously listed a few examples in one I recall about Dragon Quest. Many are Switch success stories, and quite a few on P.C. and PS4 as well. If that's not "recent times" I don't know what is dood.

Disgaea even got yet another game revealed at e3 (Disgaea 4 collection), though a Tactical RPG. Still a personal favorite and one of the few games I enjoy if this kind.

Remember that Divinity: Original Sin II game I mention (exceeding well received German turnbase RPG)? Well that game was so well regarded Wizard Entertainment (same company that own Pokémon Trading Card Game) gave Larian Studios Baldurs Gate III. Does that seem like a genre people don't want.

Back to Suikoden again the fifth game could be seen as an anti-American or at least anti-Trump

Yeah, CastleVania should also be removed because Americans could see Dracula as anti-Trump. . .

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Good luck removing Symphony of the Night (one of the most praised games of all time) from the gaming market. .

Joke aside the world should be robbed of a perfectly good collection because the most niche market for these games would care (maybe)?

That doesn't make sense.

Suikoden as a franchise sold best in Asia, followed by Europe. These are documented facts and the reason the series focused more on Germany and further Asian cultures as the series progressed.

If anyone in US or Canada find themselves without the game, wanting it? Just buy an import copy. Otherwise, I doubt it'll be seen as an issue to all but the most extremist American. Who likely have other things to moan about.

Konami didn't find this issue with both recent CastleVania collections. So why one less popular game in an entire collection, extremists would unlikely play?

Either way, probably won't happen. Konami are likely just having a 'be nice' year. But in a perfect world we'd get a Bomber Man and Suikoden collection. Of at least the main entries. Suikoden V is certainly the forgotten gem and one of the few story RPGs I found worth my time.

But after Contra they'll probably just shell out more Metal Gear Solid without adding the best game to the collection. Again.

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All JRPGs are basically the same game, so there is really no reason to try resurrect any more of them. There are already way too many JRPG remasters and remakes, all of them almost identical to each other. You play one, you've played them all...

Fighters have had much more diversity, so resurrecting fighters like Mace or Star Gladiators could be fine idea.

Tactical shooters should be left well alone. If you try resurrect Splinter Cell or Hidden and Dangerous, you just end up with Ghost Recon clone. And there's just way too many of them around.

Having said all that, I think Persona 3 would do really well on today's market. Its much better game than P5 ever was. Back then, Persona games still had magic, whereas P5 is just very dull and way too mainstream to really count as genuine Persona experience.

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A bit off topic but the commander keen reboot shouldn't of happened. Not like that anyway.