First video game you ever played?

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Do you remember what was the first video game that you ever played? I'm pretty old school (well pretty old as well), my first game was actually the original pong in 1972 - 73. I remember watching my parents hook it up to our old black and white TV, and was amazed at the idea of actually playing a game on the TV. Since then I've played countless games, but I can still remember like it was yesterday playing a video game for the first time (even if it was nothing more than batting a little ball back and forth).

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Kirby 3. I know this is my first game because have old photos of me attempting to use a controller correctly lol.

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Honestly I think it was Monsters Inc or Atlantis The Lost Empire. Both on the PS1.

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I think it was Alex Kidd on Sega Master System.

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Here's a hint:

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Inazuma Eleven on Nintendo 3DS around in 2008.

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Probably Pac-Man at a 7-11 or the mall arcade.

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Galaga in 1980

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Super Mario Brothers

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Safari hunt master system.

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@joshyjess: Warlords on Atari2600 at my cousins house at Christmas 1982.

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Super Mario with Duck Hunt on the NES

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Missile Command, Asteroids, or Space Invaders on the Atari 2600.

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Possibly Bubble Bobble on my sister's NES.

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I wish I knew the answer to this question but I have no idea. I actually don't know if I played an arcade game first or an atari 2600 game first.

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Smb3, zelda, space invaders, Duke Nukem 3D and quake 2. They were the first games I played. My parents were gamers but could never transition to dual analogue or mouse and keyboard

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Had an Atari 2600 and an NES and I can't remember if my first game was Asteroids, Pac-Man, Duck Hunt or Gyromite. I do remember breaking off a few of the pins for the controller ports (edit: on Atari 2600) which severely limited directional movement when playing games. Lol I think most games you could only move down or right. Dang kids, why they gotta break everything?

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I think the first video game which i ever been played that is call of duty in my schooling time and i am totally enjoyed this game. The last series of COD is call of duty Black ops 4 which is really good and the rumors about next COD series is ,call of duty ghost 2 which i really want to play.

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Mario on original NES at my friend's place back in 91 or 92.

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This is one of my favorite topics to discuss. I remebered in my childhood I used to play Mario on a big system which was fun really.

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No idea :-(

I'm assuming an arcade game, but might have been an Apple II or NES game...

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This is my first game I've ever played was.
This is my first game I've ever played was.

This Mario Compilation is still a lot of fun to play but sadly I lost my SNES :(.

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Outlaws 1985, I distinctly remember my Uncle raving about it and him handing me the joystick to play

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donkey kong duh

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The earliest I can remember, I think it was Tetris back in '94-'95

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@mclarenmaster18: Play it on emulator, though it is not quite the same feeling.

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My first game was either Smurf or Asteroids on Atari 2600 in the early 80s. Loved it. Loved the graphics. Back then you could easily count the pixels. Heck, I have even built a lego model of Pitfall on Atari. It looks pretty close to the video game.

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First one I ever owned was Spyro for gameboy. I can't remember the first I ever played.

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Super Mario Brothers or Dangerous Dave

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First videogame I've ever played was Prince of Percia, released at 1989 on MS-DOS PC

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Streets of Rage!

And some Power Rangers fighter on Sega Genesis

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Age of Empire

World of Warcraft

Red Alert

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Super Mario


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Lol, Cant remember .but I would recommend this game when you have a very busy schedule.

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Yes, also something from some ancient console you hook up to the TV. Maybe Space invaders or Super Mario or some other obscure ancient game. I remember you would put yellow cassettes in the console, they were hot merchandise back in the day. We would trade them amongst ourselfs... Or maybe even Tetris on some handheld console.