Echo Night: Beyond needs a sequel.

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Echo Night is by FAR the scariest survival horror game out there. It's scarier than F.E.A.R., Fatal Frame, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Siren, Ku-on, Carrier, Illbleed, Clocktower and other Survival Horror games. If ANY survival Horror game needs to have a new sequel, it's Echo Night: Beyond. That game did sooo much right in the survival horror genre to where it is what people should automatically think of when they hear Horror game. Come on From Software, bring that new entry to the series. :D
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Not played it before but it sounds good. What console is it for? PS3? IPAD? PC? XBOX?
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I've got it for PS2

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Yep it's on PS2. It is a really overlooked horror game and you should be able to get it for less than $10 now. I highly recommend it
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Agreed it needs a sequal, truly a top notch addition to it's genre!

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Wow, I've never heard about this game either. Going to try finding this game for sure!!