Dobutsu No Mori E+ English translation anywhere?

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hey i saw alot about animal crossing e+, nintendo of japan's "update" to the n64 version of animal crossing, released to the gamecube, and saw it had many new features And insects/fish, such as ones from wild world, to ones that haven't ever been seen in the new ones including city folk. Like being able to visit resetti's monitoring center, shop 24/7 by waking up tom nook, Decorating town with decoratable items, etc.

Well anyway, this looks like it'd be pretty awesome and you guys can help me find an english translated rom, or just the translation itself, it'd mean alot.

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I'm not trying to be a jerk, but I'm pretty sure discussing ROM's and things like that is prohibited on this website. Just trying to save you a ban man :)

If I'm wrong, I'm sorry. No harm no foul, just looking out for the newer members.

As far as any kind of translation, I dont know where you could look without it costing you a good amount.... I know there used to be a website that if you payed their price they would translate ANY cart based game, but I'm not sure if it is even still around. You could always google cart translators and see if anything comes up though. Good luck either way.

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There is a special ROM of Dobutsu No Mori for the n64 which contains english text instead of japanese. I can't tell you where to get it though in case it may be looked upon as promoting piracy, which most people know I'm all against.