Destiny can be completed in a few hours??

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Max level cap is 20...TWENTY!!! What a rip, this will take a few hours and then we get to do the same thing over and over but with different gear. Are you FUCKIN kidding me?? This is what $500 million gets?

This is NOT a full game. Can you imagine if another MMO had a level cap this low?? It would be free to play at least.

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@vatorus: The later levels are gonna take forever to get to. And besides, games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect had a level cap of 20, so it's not uncommon. And Destiny isn't even a true MMO to begin with, so this isn't a big deal.

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Level cap tells you nothing about length. GW had a max level of 20 and I put a few thousand hours into playing it, most of it spent at level 20 (and by "most" I'd say 90% of that). Games like this, what usually matters to people is how much content there is for max level players. Bottom line, regardless of what you do, you'll have people at max level within the first couple days. Happens in every MMO. It's a losing battle to try to front-load content. Instead, you build your game on the back-end with tons of raids and tiered armor that you can continually build on with successive updates. That seems to be what keeps people playing. The leveling process in many ways becomes just an initiation into the real meat of the game.

But you can't win either way. Front-load your content like ESO and you have people racing through it, complaining there's no end game, when meanwhile they power leveled through 100s of hours of potential gameplay. Focus on end-game content instead and you get complaints like this one.

I don't know if Destiny will ultimately be a great game, but I see it's clearly already inherited the sort of paranoia and cynicism that every MMO inspires. I have no doubt that weeks leading up to launch will see forums filled with troll bait posts, many from rival game publishers masquerading as "concerned gamers" and links to silly articles from no-name websites, bought and paid for.