Best way to save the game?

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What do you think is the best way to save game progress? Do you think save points(the ability to save only at a programmed location) is the best way to record progress? Or is being able to save anywhere and anytime you want the best way to record progress? Tell me ehat you prefer.

For me, I much prefer saving at anytime and anywhere and leaving off from that exact place; the way that you save your progress in the Pokemon series, from the Start menu. The main character carries around a diary then stops to write down what they've done.

I'd even take it a step further in mine, you'd be able to save in the middle of battle, and there'd be a invincible forcefield around you so the enemy cant harm you when you try to resume(if it isnt a turn-based game) :D

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The best possible save system features the ability to save anywhere on different slots, plus frequent autosaves and a quicksave function. I say Mass Effect 3 nails it.
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It would make some games way too easy. Imagine Dark Souls would be like that.

Depends on the genre and game, for some the one, for some the other serves better.

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Saving anywhere at any time is the best practice.

As our daily lives get busier and busier, we need some means to immediatelly jump in and out of a game. There have been occasions where i had to stop playing a game immediatelly but was risking losing large amount of invested time and mission progress (due to lack of manual save option) - Red Dead Redemption was the game if i recall correctly.

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I love being able to save anywhere any time. The only thing about that is sometimes I save and overwrite progress when maybe I shouldn't have. For instance maybe before a big battle, or confrontation and I overwrote my file and I have no ammo or health.I've been in that predicament more than once. Its a double edged blade though because I tend to find games with predetermined save points to have those point too far and few in between. None the less I love saving whenever I chose to I'd hate for a long gaming session to be lost because I couldn't make it to the save point before I had to cook, or go to work or whatever....:)
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For me, the best thing is to be able to save at any given time, but not only that, autosaves. Basically, what the Elder Scrolls series does. It not only allows me to save whenever I want, but it saves for me whenever I walk through a door, or sleep, that way, in case the power goes out, or something happens, I at least get to keep some of my progress. Now, I say that for MOST games. There are some games, as Justforvisit mentions above, that shouldn't have a save feature at any given time. A good example is XCom: Enemy Unknown. Being able to save at any given time is rather cheap, and removes the consequences of the game itself, which is what made it so challenging to begin with. Thankfully, there's an option for that called Iron Man mode. However, I feel not everyone will want to use that, which makes it awesome that they allow you to toggle it.
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If I remember God of War correctly, you can only save at specific points, much like Dead Rising. I absolutely hate that. If I want to stop playing I don't want to force myself through content just to find a save point. I could of course just stop, but then I would have to replay what I just played. Save anytime is the best choice.
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I think the old JRPG system is not bad. Save-points are put at predetermined places but at any given time a quick-save can be created that deletes itself when the game is continued. That way we have preset savepoints as another possibility in game design but without the need to force ourselves to continue when we don't want to or are not able to. I'm actually quite confused why this quick-save feature was removed from most games, like the Final Fantasy series.
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I do like save location with some check points. The problem with save any time is that players can abuse the system.