Best rpg graphics for snes?

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#1 Posted by gorebreath (64 posts) -

I just finished FF 2 (5) which was a superb game but the graphics were pretty bad.Good artndirection certainly, but less than proficient graphics.

I have just started FF 3 (6) and the graphics on a technical side were a huge improvement.

So what snes RPG do you feel had the best graphics?

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#2 Posted by GreySeal9 (28247 posts) -

Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy VI/III.

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#3 Posted by trick_man01 (11441 posts) -
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.
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#4 Posted by Arach666 (23231 posts) -
I thought Terranigma was pretty impressive from a technical standpoint,especially with the overworld making good use of mode7.
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#5 Posted by rilpas (8161 posts) -
7th saga looked pretty good
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#6 Posted by ristactionjakso (6118 posts) -

Mario RPG.

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#7 Posted by LordQuorthon (5585 posts) -

Probably Star Ocean, but I don't think there's a legal way to play it in English.

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#8 Posted by glez13 (9630 posts) -

Something among FFVI, Chrono Trigger or Mario RPG, maybe.

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#9 Posted by Eikichi-Onizuka (8943 posts) -
Super Mario RPG Chrono Trigger Final Fantasy VI Secret of Mana Ogre Battle

I just finished FF 2 (5)

You mean (4), V was skipped over here until it was released with VI in Final Fantasy Anthology.
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#10 Posted by skooks (1411 posts) -

Secret of Mana for me, always thought that game looked amazing.

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#11 Posted by neptunegears (82 posts) -

Tales of Phantasia, Star Ocean, and Bahumut Lagoon all pushed the Super NES hard in graphics/sound.

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#13 Posted by Allicrombie (26185 posts) -
Drakkhen. ha, just kidding. really liked Chrono Trigger's/Secret of Mana's graphics. I think Earthbound had a really neat, unique look to it at the time.
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#14 Posted by Emerald_Warrior (6581 posts) -

Super Mario RPG for the innovative (for the time) graphics that were used.

As for "traditional" 2D graphics, that title goes to Chrono Trigger. It used all kinds of cool effects and tricks that weren't seen in RPGs on the SNES before it.

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#15 Posted by WitIsWisdom (4572 posts) -

Best RPG graphics on the SNES... hmm that's pretty tough to say.

Art work in many RPG's is better to me then the new everything has to be as close to "photorealism" as possible.

I think the following RPG's had a great art style

Breath of Fire I and especially II for brilliant character models, animation, underwater scenery, backgrounds. monster builds, and awesome bosses. Where as the series in whole may not have the best graphics bit by bit it definately holds the most charm and in my opinion non forgetable sprites and scenery.

Honorable mentions go to

Lufia I and II= These games have an art style kind of like BoF only not quite as good. However, some could argue that the HUGE boss battles were captured perfectly!

Final Fantasy II and III= beautiful backgrounds

Super Mario RPG= lovable Mario characters with great graphics... however the downfall in the graphics department was most of the backgrounds although some were absolutely brilliant. My overall honors could not go to such a short game however.

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#16 Posted by riou7 (10840 posts) -

Chrono Trigger, the graphics are just charming

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#17 Posted by nameless12345 (15125 posts) -

SM RPG quite easily, imo.

It looked like a N64 game before the N64 came out.

Oddly, the game was never officially released in Europe (probably due to Nintendo's policy to translate games in multiple languages and it came out rather late too).

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#18 Posted by Jag85 (9915 posts) -

The RPGs that came out towards the end of the SNES's life around 1995-1996:

Chrono Trigger (1995)

Seiken Densetsu 3 (1995)

Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals (1995)

Tales of Phantasia (1995)

Star Ocean (1996)

Bahamut Lagoon (1996)

Super Mario RPG (1996)

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#19 Posted by killerband55 (107961 posts) -

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.trick_man01

this, Chrono Trigger, and Earthbound

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#20 Posted by Blueresident87 (5623 posts) -

Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana are tops.

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#21 Posted by abcdefgabcdefgz (698 posts) -

I think its probably chrono trigger from an objective point of view but you could just say whatever game you liked the most. I think chrono trigger had the best drawn highest quality 2d rpg graphics on snes. Tales of phantasia though was pretty good too.

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#22 Posted by deactivated-57ad0e5285d73 (21398 posts) -
Secret of Mana is a great looking game.
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#23 Posted by XereoWarrior (135 posts) -
Bahamut Lagoon had some pretty sweet graphics.
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#24 Posted by deactivated-57d8401f17c55 (7221 posts) -

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.trick_man01

Yep easily.