Best Pokemon Crystal per type/team?

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Hey I was wondering what people think is the best pokemon for each type in Crystal, and also rate my team! make suggestions and changes for the pokemon and the moves, without trades:

My Team (not finished, just what I am planning on doing):







Best for each type (that I can get in my game):

Dragon: Dragonite

Fire: Arcanine

Psychic: Kadabra

Dark: Tyranitar

Water: Feraligatr

Ice: Suicune

Fighting: Hitmonlee

Ground: Rhyhorn

Flying: Dragonite

Electric: Electabuzz/Jolteon

Grass: Venomoth


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Your team shouldn't have two same type coverage Pokemon: Feraligatr, Suicune Get a Grass type or something else. As for the best Pokemon thing,You didn't even include all the types... I'll list out my opinion anyways. Normal: Blissey (Greatest wall EVER) Stupid pink BLOB !!! Grass: Tangela (This thing whipped my *** in-game O.O) I didn't have a Fire type that time -.- Fire: Arcanine (Self-explanatory) Water: Gyarados (Sadly there were no Physical Water moves back then... If he had Aqua Tail... you're dead meat) Electric: Ampharos (This guy here is CRAZILY good) Flying: Crobat (This thing is... SO incredibly FAST !!!) Rock: Tyranitar (Bad*** ...Learns great moves by itself [Crunch,Earthquake,Rock Slide] and Outrage(Dragon type) as an Egg Move! Unfortunately the sprites back then (for him only) weren't too good) Ground: Golem Bug: Heracross (Pwnage) Poison: Vileplume (I'm not including Gengar here >_>) Fighting: Machamp (I'm not too sure about this but at least he can learn the elemental punches) Psychic: Alakazam (Pwnage too) Dark: Houndoom (Able to make use of his high Special Attack on Special types [Dark and Fire] along with STAB) Ghost: Gengar (Here you are =) Nothing much I can say... Just good) Steel: Magneton (It has one of the most high Special Attack stat in the game) Dragon: Dragonite (There wasn't Salamence in G/S/C D=... Anyway still a good Pokemon) As you can see I didn't repeat the same Pokemon as it is downright unfair =) P/S : Venomoth is NOT Grass... If it is I would have used it early on I might have left out on some great Pokemon because my memory doesn't serve me well... so feel free to point out my mistakes