AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown: The Top 10 Games of 2019 I am not looking forward to playing

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2019 is off to start with many new game releases but however there are however some games that I am not looking forward to playing, either because of poor development choices or other games not having proper standards. Sometimes we all must dread that they exist and that we don't have hopes for them. These are the following 10 games that I am not looking forward to playing.

10: Dead Island 2

Platform: PS4/XBox One/PC

Developer: Dambuster Studios

Dead Island is starting to die out with Dead Island 2 being pushed back further and further and with nothing else being talked about or announced regarding this game. Although Escape Dead Island which was bland and terrible Dead Island 2 isn't really going to be fixing itself anytime soon.

9: Beyond Good And Evil 2

Developer: Ubisoft

We have waited for a follow up to the original Beyond Good And Evil and while the announcements are great and all just that what we got so far is that the game is going to be a prequel and the story from what was shown isn't too great. Hopefully everything gets resolved with this new entry.

8: Trials Rising

Platform: PS4/XBox One/Switch/PC

Developer: Redlynx/Ubisoft

Trials Rising might be doing fine so far for it's announcement but then the game has been beta tested and some gamers have found the gameplay and design much more complicated for a game that's meant to be very simple to play.

7: Team Sonic Racing

Platform: Switch/PS4/XBox One/PC

Developer: Sumo Digital

Sonic's recent racing games have turned out much better then any of the early attempts like Sonic R or Sonic Drift. However Team Sonic Racing is competing alongside Crash Team Racing making this game so far inferior in comparison.

6: Kingdom Hearts III

Platform: PS4/XBox One

Developer: Square Enix

Square Enix have recently been losing their magic with their games this decade and have spent the majority of the time milking Final Fantasy to death. Kingdom Hearts have had some questionable spinoffs and storylines but however that might change with Kingdom Hearts III. We will be going to many new Disney worlds like Toy Story and Frozen but we wonder how the storyline this time will turn out like.

5: Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Developer: Grasshoper Manufacture

We certainly didn't expect a No More Heroes game but however the change is much different. It maybe a spinoff game in the series but however the top down perspective and the mindless hack and slash gameplay is really unimpressive compared to the old games.

4: Anthem

Platform: PS4/XBox One/PC

Developer: Bioware

As much as I am looking forward to pilot those super cool mechs at the same time I am not and this is because EA has really messed up Bioware before when they worked on Mass Effect Andromeda and so my hopes are not really up for this one. Since EA evil business practices they have done in the past I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this game became a total let down.

3: Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Developer: Respawn Entertainment

Not much is really said about this one aside from that EA is involved in this one which means that we are expecting this one to turn out to be another bad Star Wars game much like the Star Wars Battlefront II game we recently got.

2: Bubsy Paws On Fire

Platform: PS4/XBox One/PC

Developer: Choice Provisions

Oh dear lord, why do we need another Bubsy game after the last one turned out just as poor as the original games. Bubsy never shuts up and his gameplay is really just very dull compared to Mario or Sonic. I hope that Paws On Fire turns out really bad like with Bubsy 3D that it kills the cat once more and leave him for dead this time.

1: Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn

Platform: PS4/XBox One/PC

Developer: Square Enix

It's no surprise that we have to suffer more of the underwhelming Final Fantasy XV but at least I hope we don't have to suffer no longer then we already have. With Square Enix cancelling the majority of the season 2 DLC due to the director leaving the company all we have left is Ardyn. Episode Ardyn is just going to be just as underwhelming as the other DLCs of the Final Fantasy XV Universe and I hope that it all ends with this.

Do you agree with this list? What other games of 2019 aren't you looking forward to?

Written By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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#1 Posted by Speeny (1622 posts) -

Yeah I'm not looking all that forward to playing KH3 although I'll still play it. I used to love the games as a kid but they aren't really my thing anymore. They just feel too repetitive in my opinion. I'd also say that it's kind of "too late" for the third game. Like the hype for a lot of people died down long ago. Boat has sailed kind of thing. I know a lot of people will disagree but I waited since 2006 to get the third game. I gave up waiting after BBS and pretty much completely forgot about/lost interest in the series altogether. I think the spin off games ruined the experience for me as well. (Even though most are canon to the storyline.)

Agree with Team Sonic Racing too. Everyone will be all over Crash Team Racing.

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#2 Posted by Lembu90 (571 posts) -

Completely agree with your views on Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn, Anthem and Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. While KH 3 easily scores more than 90% in metacritic but I have feelings that this game will be milked for DLCs and full of bugs much like FFXV at launch. As for Anthem and Jedi Fallen Order, the EA logo already served as a huge red flag to avoid from. Bioware is already a shadow of its former self(some says they never great in first place anyway but that's debatable) with many of its veterans already left the studio to start their own or seeking for greener pasture elsewhere. I could be wrong(in fact I wish I were) but with less than 2 months away from release in this late February, all of its publicly available gameplay footage of Anthem are yawn-inducing at best.

One more game I want to add into your list: Left Alive by Square-Enix. I know lots of people are excited for this game but for me this game already doomed from the start. They turned the Front Mission series, which is a strategy RPG with mechs into a (crappy) third-person shooter game with (shallow) stealth mechanics, in other words Square-Enix attempt to make something like Metal Gear Solid, at least that's what they dreamed of. Hell, even its cover looks like an MGS game and it was designed by the same people and that's why we never get to hear any copyright lawsuit between SE and Konami despite this obvious cash-grab scheme. Yes there will be mech-to-mech battles but this could only very tiny fragments of the game itself. At most part you will be sneaking into the enemy lines like an MGS game but only much, much dumber. Even its gameplay footage are disappointing at best, too pre-alpha like and this game only have less than 2 months to polish itself(early March 2019) from release.

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#3 Posted by Litchie (23863 posts) -

Pretty good list. I can't believe how freaking bad the new No More Heroes looks. Why, Suda 51?

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#4 Posted by YammiReckorrdSan (614 posts) -

Kingdom Hearts 3 looks like it plays fun (like the other KH games) , but that's it. the series' story is bullcrap, one of the worst strories in gaming. I don't know how much patience I have for 50+ hours story of bullshit like "light and darkness". Also can't ignore the mess that was FF15. I enjoyed it for 30 hours, but so many glitches, so many DLC. I won't be surprised if there will be DLCs of other Disney worlds after FF15.