Game Bugs? Gender changed?

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(1) The character creation software was very slow. Everything took like 5 to 10 seconds to change. For example, if I change the hair color or class, it takes several seconds for the change to show up on the screen. Same for everything else.

(2) My character was created as a man. But after about half a day of playing, it changed to a woman! WTF? Has that happened to anyone else? I wanted to play a male character this time. Is there any way to change it back to male? I'm sure it's not my fault because I chose the deprived class and I definitely would have noticed if it wasn't male in the beginning of the gameplay since it was naked.

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I had the exact same thing happen to me. I was wondering why my mustache was missing for my character, and then I took off my armor and realized my character now had breasts... Yea it must be a bug. Hope they can come up with a fix that allows us to fix our characters, don't want to be stuck with a messed up character for this entire play through.

I just made a thread about this problem somewhere else.

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it's not a glitch, get back in the coffin

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Oh good.

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AHHHHH!... I was also like "wtf"... that's funny... super glad it's an easy fix and I checked it out before starting all over... I moved my save from the cloud to the HD, so was kinda thinking it got corrupt or something... great info from robo = poem plus a big Phew!!

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This happened to me, now I love my hollowed mounds of love!