Playstation System Update 8.01 made my PS4 turn itself off

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#1 Tiofristiant
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After I did a system update to 8.01, and the next day my ps4 was hard to turn on, sometimes it could be BLOD (blue light and dead) or similar problems.

Yesterday, I did reinstalling through safe mode and it worked, my PS4 can be turned on normally, but when I play games and connect to the internet for about 1 hour (can also be random), my PS4 can turn itself off.

Now I haven't tried playing without a long internet connection, and I hope the ps4 doesn't turn off again when I'm not connected to the internet on the ps4.

And hopefully this is just a bug in the 8.01 update because after I reinstalled the system, the results were better than before I reinstalled. (Not BLOD anymore)

So I feel it is not hardware damage. And only a very bad update from the playstation.