This game is amazing i dont kno why you people dont like it.

User Rating: 7 | Flying Dragon N64
This game is fun! the fighting is so easy that its fun. You can choose different character modes and sizes of your characters. Theres like little kids fighting then adults. I enjoy the 3d mode becuz it is more fun and who like fighting like a little kid! :P

This game is kinda lacking the story mode becuz it goes nowhere. This game is fun becuz you unlock different stuff and you can use it.

The graphics are ok. The fighting moves you can do is fun becuz they are so basic. There is the special move you can do and it takes a lot of damage out of your oponent.

I think that this game is fun! More people should try this game becuz its worth a try! So get out and get this game! SO go out and buy this game it is fun to play and you should play it!