I'm so pissed off that not many people know of the wonderful but underrated, Flying Dragon.

User Rating: 8.5 | Flying Dragon N64
The year was 1998, and there were many outstanding games out in the market. Fortunately, Flying Dragon was one of them. But, unfortunately not many people bought the game which is probably why it never become famous or heard of. In the game there are two versions, SD version and Version 1.5. Let's look at SD version first.

SD Version

Story - There are 8 warriors to pick from. Each with there own fighting style and techniques. They all enter a tournament to test there strength but once in a while a metal version of one of the fighters appears leading you to challenge him. You get a medal once you defeat a metal person, and once you defeat all metal versions and get all medals you get to enter a deadly tournament called "Ryumaou Tournament". Which is held, and your final opponent is the warriors' is most deadliest enemy, Ryumaou. Which warrior will win? Which warrior will be the hero?

Gameplay - Gameplay is like any other side by side fighter like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter. It's very easy to pick up for little kids, but not to easy for older people not to enjoy. You can shoot your opponent with balls of energy, throw him, blow him up, punch him, kick him, break there neck, and more. One cool move I found was while blocking you can press a button and when your opponent punch or kicks you. You grap them and hurt them in some intersting way. There are also treasure you can earn and buy to increase you power and give you other special abilities.

If there is one thing Flying Dragon is known for by gamers, is it's options. There are other things to do than the tournament mode. You and your friend have like 5 options to choose from. And if it's just you, then you can do other things than tournament mode too.

Characters - There are 10 characters all together in SD Version.

Ryuhi - This hot blooded warrior is a leader of warriors and an expert with Kung Fu.

Hayato - This calm, gifted fighter, is familiar with all types of fighting styles.

Suzaku - This mysterious evil man, set on revenge, originally planned on conquering the world.

Yuka - A master of "Aiki-Jyujyutsu" she can throw any opponent.

Robo no Hana - The yokozuna of Robot Sumo, who dreams of becoming the best hero in the universe.

Wiler - This warrior is strong and reliable. He uses Martial Arts learned in the

Powers - The top wrestler of the NCW, he plans on being the strongest in the world.

Shouryu - This young ghost hunter uses ESP and he is currently training in Mexico.

Bokuchin (unlockable character) - Possibly the most mysterious character of the bunch. Looks like a doll brought to life. He also has the most limited moveset of all the characters.

Ryumaou (unlockable character) - He is usually the main boss of the circuit mode. He rules the Underworld as the Devil King and is one of the fieriest characters on the game.

Version 1.5

In this version, there aren't treasure items in this version but that doesn't mean it's bad. You can pick from 9 characters, but some are not same. And this version isn't as easy either. In the other version they look like kids, in this one they look and sound like adults. But, like the other one you enter a tournament except there is only just one tournament and your final opponent is Rymaou, the Devil King.

Characters -

Red Falcon
Min Min
Ryumaou (unlockable character and boss)

Overall, Flying Dragon isn't the most perfect game. But it is one of the best I've ever played. There are loads of options to choose from and very great gameplay. There are good characters to choose from, and they all each have different but awesome movesets. I wish this become popular so they could have made updated versions of it. Critics probably said it sucked because it wasn't made by a big name corporation. Oh well. Flying Dragon is a one of kind game that anyone can look into, and whatever you do, don't believe what the big name critics say.