A nice game if it would have been longer. But still a great alternative.

User Rating: 8 | flOw PSP
The Game:
This is one of the most unique games out there in the market, It's not that hard & not that long but it would make you feel like your playing the first stage of Spore; it's extremely easy to play in less than 5mins you'll understand the dynamics of the game. That's the problem of this game it isn't long enough for you to play with, all day long unlike other games that would take you for at least a day or so just to finish the main storyline excluding the extras instead it would take you less than 2 hours of game time to finish this game though Sony should have included or added a DLC (Downloadable Content) that would give additional maps, stages & creatures to make this a little longer/harder.

The Gameplay:
Here you take on a life of a sea creature that's on it's early stages of life, like a plankton you eat other small creatures in order to evolve in to the next stage of it's life you would get to choose from six creatures some of them looks like a jellyfish, a fish, an eel & others that I didn't recognize or didn't know; though at first stage you only have one & you get unlock the others as you finish each creatures life, Once you've finished one you return to it's main interface, it's the upper part of the ocean where you get to chose the new creature that you have recently unlocked. Each creature has a unique skill or ability that you could you use to help you grow even bigger. As you progress to your life as a sea creature you get to go deeper & deeper into the ocean as you get larger. And sometimes you must fight for your meal in order to eat; as some sea creatures don't want to be eaten alive just like you do. It's eat or be eaten that's how it goes in this game you feed yourself in order to get bigger & deeper 'cause you'll never die in this game instead it would just sent you to a higher location that's safe enough for you to grow the parts that you have lost.

The Verdict:
It would have been a great game if it's a little longer it's these types of games that would leave you hanging on it's thread 'cause of it's shortness. But it's a great alternative if you need sometime to take a coffee break on those hardcore games when there's a level or boss that you couldn't complete/beat you could play this game & cool-off before you tackle that stage again with a fresh mind because this game has a soothing soundtrack that would cool-off that boiling mind of yours though it would only give a few hours to complete this game.