User Rating: 6.8 | FlatOut 2 XBOX
I bought this game last week, today i returned it. I liked this game for the first few days i played it. Now i`m really bored with it.

60 tracks? I don`t think so. Racing the same tracks( with tiny variations) over and over again is really boring.

Cars handle a bit better than in Flatout 1 but i wanted a lot better. The cars are still very floaty. Handling is still very disappointing. Moreover, apart from the different speeds ,all cars feel the same whatever the terrain you race in.

Upgrades? What upgrades? All that money spent on upgrades and i never noticed any difference( except speed).

Graphics are good but nothing more than good. Usually games tend to grow on me.This one was the right opposite. The more i played Flatout 2 the less i liked it.

I am sure a lot of people will like this game but i am just bored with it. I am really pleased i got rid of it.