This game is the True successor to the Fist of the North Star

User Rating: 8 | Hokuto Musou PS3
At long last, North America gets to play a Fist of the North star video game in their video game consoles. There were so many fist of the North Star video games that should have arrived to the U.S. like the fighting game edition of Fist of the North Star for the ps2 version.

I saw videos of these on you tube for the japanese version and i was amazed. I was even more amazed when i found out that this game was coming to canada. I don't know much about the Dynasty Warriors series, but as i've been playing this game, it gets quite entertaining.

Gameplay: It feels a little slow at first, but once you get to level up. then you can actually start to enjoy beating up 100 people at once. Performing special moves is very enjoyable.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty cool for a next gen video game. I was shocked and amazed when i saw the cutscenes looked like in HD. I love the cutscenes, short or not there fun to watch.

Sound: The sound is not bad. The main theme of the game is now one of my favourite songs. I was very impresed with the english voice actors who helped with this game. In fact they should use those voice actors to voice the five recent Fist of the North Star OVAs that they have in Japan.

You could even get all the Trophies in this game. I know that some people are giving this game 5 out of 10, but you know what. Even if this game can't please everyone, at least this game faithful uses the source material. It not perfect, but it deserves respect.