Final Fight one is a fun, yet difficult old-school-style beat-em-up.

User Rating: 6.5 | Final Fight One GBA
Final Fight One for the GBA is fun, yet frustrating. The difficulty on Normal, feels like hard in the last couple of levels and thats what keeps it from being one of the greats on the GBA. I enjoy a challenge but this borders on frustration near the end. I guess I've been spoiled by all the modern games with unlimited lives and continues.

I chose to go through the game with the beefy Haggar, and leaving Guy and Cody for another time. Of course for the people that don't know, Haggar is mayor and his daughter is taken by a gang of thugs, and you of corse have to single-handedly take down the gang by yourself. It's a good game but theres some instances when your character takes too much damage from a single hit. i mean a third of my life-bar shouldn't be taken away when a 140 pound guy kicks me and in return it takes the 6'6, 300 lb(according to the game) Haggar like 6-7 hits to bring down that one guy. I guess the game had to be hard because this was originally an arcade game back in the day so they could get a good chunk of your quarters.

You do get a chance earn extra continues, a level select feature(so you don't have to play the entire game everytime you die) and a rapid punch feature as you play the game and although it helps in the quest you will still have trouble passing this on the Normal difficult. I would one day like to meet somebody that passed this on "Very Hard", because it seems near impossible.

The games look and sound are great for the GBA by the way and despite its difficulty it will keep you entertained and is worth your time.